Custom Gearboxes

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Ondrives.US makes custom gearboxes every day.

Our expertise in designing and building our vast line of standard gearboxes is used to design custom gearboxes exactly how you want them. Ondrives.US worm gearbox manufacturers are especially geared to units from miniature to 900Nm output torque.

Whether you need right angle gearboxes, parallel shaft gearboxes, crossed axis gearboxes it doesn’t matter. We know how to build them.

If you have a custom gearbox design, we can build to it,  a sample, we will reverse engineer it, a concept, our applications engineers will work with you to bring it to fruition.

The Ondrives.US Advantage:      Small quantities or large, our personell and facilities can handle it.

  • Application engineering assistance.
  • Design service
  • Reverse engineering
  • Output torque, instrumentation to 900Nm
  • Greased for life
  • Sealed units to IP standards.
  • Very low backlash if needed
  • Speed reducers or speed increasers
  • High precision gears and ABEC ball bearings
  • CNC precision machined housings and gears

We have a broad selection of Misalignment Shaft Couplings in inch and metric bore sizes.

Inch and metric Precision Ground Shafts are available from stock.