Silver Solder Tipped Set Screws

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Silver solder tipped screws are a type of set screw that secures two objects without using a bolt. Also known as headless screws, silver solder oval tipped set screws are fully threaded and do not have a head projecting from the screw thread. They feature internal hex socket or screw driver slot for fastening and are commonly used for securing pulleys, shaft couplings or gears to a shaft. As the screw is tightened, the silver solder tip conforms with the contours of the shaft to provide firm holding power without damaging the shaft.
Using conventional cup point or flat point set screws cause damage to shafts in the form of raised surfaces. This is a serious problem when the mounted component requires positional adjustment or removal. Headless silver grip set screws unscrew easily for resetting and can be used multiple times over. The rounded, silver solder tip won’t mar mating surfaces or parts. Because the softer solder tip deforms and wraps around the radius of the shaft, it contacts a greater surface area and provides a strong positional hold.
Grub screws are made with different types of tips including cup, conical, oval, half dog, full dog and flat.  The thread material is typically alloy steel or stainless steel and the nor marring soft tips are made from silver solder, nylon or brass.

Silver Solder Oval Tipped Set Screws

Ondrives.US provides silver solder oval tipped set screws in metric and inch sizes that provide a non-marring, self-locking hold for precision applications. Our solver solder tip grub screws have a hex socket driver and are manufactured from durable, corrosion-resistance stainless steel.
View the individual product links below to find the grub screws that meet your sizing requirements or download our silver solder tipped screw specifications PDF for an overview of different screw options.

Sizing Options for Silver Solder Oval Tipped Set Screws

Selection criteria for grub screws include size, material, point style and drive. Sizing includes the thread count, diameter and length of the silver grip set screw.  The thread needs to be long enough to provide sufficient engagement and should equal 0.75 to 1.5 times the diameter of the screw.
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Silver solder tipped screws from Ondrives.US are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in inch and metric sizes. We also offer a range of thumb screws, shoulder screws and other precision fasteners. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your custom sizing requirements. 
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