Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

When selecting shaft misalignment couplings, several considerations must be made before choosing the correct coupling for an application. Careful consideration of the following features will provide the user with a mechanically and economically beneficial coupling. The specific nature of the project and unique safety and maintenance considerations may also play a factor in the flexible coupling that’s right for your application needs.
  • RPM
  • Torque
  • Backlash
  • Misalignment type
    • Angular
    • Parallel
    • Axial
    • Combinations
  • Duty Cycle
  • Environmental
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Size Constraint
  • Fastening
  • Safety & Maintenance

Advantages of Properly Chosen Couplings

Choosing the proper coupling is vital to the overall success of your application. Properly chosen couplings enhance system performance and prevent damage to expensive components like gearboxes and motors, providing a safer working environment. Selecting a suitable shaft coupling enhances economical operation while providing greater profitability over the machine's life cycle.

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