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Misalignment Shaft Couplings

Misalignment shaft couplings absorb misalignment between two rotating shafts and can be used in high power and high torque applications including motors, gearboxes, and other precision drive components. There are various types of shaft couplings, with many featuring zero-backlash operations to handle heavy loads and speeds while reducing stress on bearings and other components. Ondrives.US couplings can nullify angular and radial misalignment as well as absorb axial movement.

Standard and Custom Shaft Couplings for Mechanical Drive Components

Ondrives.US offers many different styles of shaft couplings to solve all levels of load and misalignment needs. Couplings can be modified with non-standard bore sizes, key-slots, or balanced for high rotational speeds.

Our shaft couplers can be made compatible with any shaft diameter using one of the Ondrives.US bore reducers. Attach your precision shaft coupler to an Ondrives.US precision ground shaft, available from stock.

Motor Shaft Couplings for Precision Applications

Ondrives.US provides a broad range of shaft couplings for connecting shaft components and absorbing misalignment. Misalignment motor shaft couplers are designed to absorb the misalignment between the shafts. They come in various types including servo-high gain, spiral beam, spider jaw, and bellows, and many other couplings to solve every type of misalignment problem and to protect the supporting bearings.  Our engineers have developed a motor shaft coupling PDF White Paper “How to select Shaft Couplings” to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate shaft to the shaft or gearbox coupling for your application.
Select from our standard options or contact us to discuss custom or modified shaft couplings.

Beam Couplings 

Our zero-backlash BEAM shaft couplings are offered in four options: Spiral BEAM couplings offer up to 7 degrees of angular offset and torques to 1240 inch-lbs. Servo-Beam can operate at up to 10,000 rpm, up to 7 degrees’ angular compensation, and with torques up to 300 in-lbs. Step Beam couplings are electrically isolating and do not wind up when they reverse direction. Slit Beam couplings have high rigidity and offer high torque and torsional stiffness.

Disc Couplings 

We offer two models of disc couplings. Our Oldham sliding disc couplings are 3-piece coupling mechanisms that provide generous radial compensation. They are rated for zero-backlash for up to 10,000,000 rotations and electrically isolate the drive from the driven component. Membrane disc shaft couplings have a torsional rigid design that is zero backlashes and accommodates up to 4° of angular offset.

Spider Jaw Couplings

Zero backlash Curved Jaw or Spider couplings from Ondrives.US feature two metal hubs and a polyurethane element and can handle high torque up to 1060 inch-lbs. and speeds up to 34,100 RPM. Available in Curved Jaw and Cardan Jaw models. The Curved Jaw models accommodate angular misalignment and slight axial misalignment. Cardan models also accommodate radial misalignment.

Servo-High Gain Couplings

High gain shaft couplings are flexible and primarily used for servo motor systems in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They offer zero-backlash operation and help servo motors deliver speed-response frequencies without the problematic effects of vibration. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings comprise two end hubs with set screws or an integral clamp to fasten to a shaft. The flex member of the coupling makes deep flexible corrugations to absorb axial forces created by thermal expansion as the motor heats up. Bellows couplings are available in three models offering up to 8 degrees of angular offset and torques up to 1770 inch-lbs.

Double Loop Drive Couplings

Our double loop drive couplings are an effective two-stage coupling with exceptional flexibility in angular, radial, and axial modes. They are ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives and work without any friction, wear or noise. Available in inch and metric bore sizes. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Flexible Insert Shaft Couplings

Flexible insert shaft couplings are a serration type coupling that transmits torque by casing sleeve engagement. They provide excellent flexibility, and high levels of parallel, and angular misalignment allowance. Designed for speeds up to 39,000 RPM. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Universal Lateral and Offset Joint Couplings

Universal-Lateral and Cross Joint offset couplings are unique, light-duty devices for general purpose applications. Offset couplings provide zero-backlash operation up to 100,000,000 cycles and torque output up to 108 in-lbs.

Zero Backlash U-Joint Couplings

U-Joint couplings offer zero-backlash and up to 90 degrees of angular offset. Offered in single joint, double joint, and telescopic double joint types. Material options include lightweight acetyl plastic with brass insert hubs or in stainless steel.

Magnetic Disc Couplings

Magnetic Disc couplings use rare earth magnets in 2 opposing, non-contacting hubs to transmit torque through the air. Since there is no contact, the couplings will never wear out or create heat. They will transmit torque through thin barriers.

Bore Reducers (Shaft Adaptors)

Adapt a coupling or other rotating component to any diameter shaft using our precision Bore reducers.

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