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Custom Mechanical Components

There are instances where OEMs require non-standard machined parts to accommodate unique bore sizes, torque and power requirements, load capabilities, tolerances, or other criteria. If you can’t find the right option for your application among our standard gearboxesgearsspeed reducerscouplingsclutches, and other precision mechanical components, Ondrives.US can produce custom components to meet your unique requirements. We can also reverse engineer existing components or assemblies.
With a fully-equipped production facility, advanced manufacturing equipment, and comprehensive fabrication capabilities, Ondrives.US can produce custom mechanical parts and components that match your design drawings and deliver the performance and reliability you need.
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Custom Mechanical Parts Engineered for Quality and Precision

The majority of our standard drive component offerings have the option of customization or modification based on your needs. Our application engineers have the expertise to assist you in developing custom component gears and parts to your specifications. We also perform all work to stringent certifications and standards, including ISO 9001 and ITAR requirements for quality control.

Custom Gears

Ondrives.US manufactures custom metal and plastic gears in several styles, including helical gears, spur gears, bevel gears, miter gears, and worm gears. Customize your design based on requirements for face width, pitch, and tooth count.

Custom Gearboxes

Custom gearboxes allow you to engineer a design based on your specific requirements for material, size, speed, or backlash. This is also an excellent option for OEMs needing to reverse engineer an obsolete gearbox design required for their application.

Custom Miniature Gearboxes

We developed our miniature gearboxes for applications requiring speed and torque control in a smaller footprint. Each customized miniature gearbox is engineered to your exact requirements for gear ratio, torque, output speed, and inch or metric bore size.

Custom Timing Belts & Pulleys

Our slip-proof custom timing belts deliver high precision and require minimal maintenance. Work with our engineers to customize a timing belt or pulley based on any of our MXL, XL, L, 40DP, T, HTD, or GT2 Series products.

Custom Clutches

Custom clutches from Ondrives.US provide a solution for applications where an off-the-shelf clutch doesn’t suffice. We’ll engineer a mechanical clutch in the style and material you need, along with your specifications for torque, O.D., length, mounting method, and housing.

Custom Shafts

We manufacture customized, precision ground shafts to your exact requirements, with lengths up to 12 feet. Further customize your shafts with journals, key slots, end chamfers, ring grooves, flats, internal threads, external threads, drilled holes, and other additional custom details.

Custom Linear Shaft Supports

Ondrives.US offers custom shaft supports featuring our Easy-Access™ removable top design. Custom linear shaft supports are ideal for applications with unique shaft diameters, shaft mounting heights, or shaft profiles.

Custom Dowel Pins

Custom dowel pins provide a solution for applications where you require compliance with specific industry requirements or need an oversized or undersized diameter or length. We also offer custom finishes, and the option of dual radius or dual chamfer ends. Precision ground dowel pins of almost any material can be supplied.

Custom Screws

Sometimes OEMs have unique requirements for a screw or fastener or need a specific style for a prototype. We’ll help you design a fastener in the head style and tread and pitch size you need. Other customization options include length, tolerance, material, and compliance with industry standards.

Custom Shaft Couplings

We offer custom shaft couplings to meet your unique system and torque transmission requirements. These couplings provide a solution for applications with non-standard bore sizes and torque transmission requirements, and those involving unusually high rotational speeds.

Contact Us for Custom Mechanical Components

Ondrives.US will work from your designs to create the custom mechanical components you need. Contact us for complete custom-machined parts and assemblies to your drawings.