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Timing Belts

Timing belts work with timing pulleys to transmit rotary motion between two parallel shafts. Ondrives.US’ timing belts provide long working life with quiet operation, and, unlike chains, require no lubrication. We offer timing belts in a variety of profiles and configurations to pair with our precision timing pulleys; standard profiles include MXL, XL, L, 40DP, T, HTD, and GT2 timing belts.

We can also manufacture custom timing belts that are tailored to your unique specifications. Request a quote on standard or custom timing belts.Contact Ondrives.US to learn more or to discuss your timing belt requirements.

Proven Timing Belt Technology

Ondrives.US timing belts are comprised of a tension member with an S-Z twist, durable body material, and, on some models, a protective layer of material on the belt’s teeth. The tension member provides resistance to elongation when tension is applied to the drive pulleys; tension members are usually made of fiberglass, polyester, Kevlar, or steel.
The body material protects the tension member from dirt, grime, oil, and moisture. Neoprene and polyurethane are the most commonly used body materials, but timing belts may also be made from natural rubber or other polymers.
The teeth of the timing belt are molded to surround the tension member, and are made from a shear-resistant material for optimum power transmission between the belt and the pulley. On neoprene timing belts, the teeth are usually jacketed in nylon for improved wear resistance and increased belt life.

Timing Belts & Idlers

In an ideal motion transfer system, the center distance between the pulleys will be adjustable, so that the timing belt can be adjusted without the use of an idler. While idlers are components of many synchronous pulley and belt systems, they tend to induce more bending in the timing belt, which reduces belt life compared to a system with adjustable center distance.

Custom Timing Belts

Our standard metric timing belts (MXL, XL, L, 40DP, T, HTD, GT2) are designed to match the profiles of our timing pulleys. However, if none of our stock belts are right for your application, we can provide custom timing belts that are manufactured to meet your requirements.
Custom timing belts are available in the same profiles and sizes as timing pulleys, and with a range of teeth counts. In shorter lengths, cog belts with nearly all consecutive number of teeth are readily available. Beyond choosing a custom-made drive belt width, custom cog belts are not recommended except for very specific application requirements such as environmental, material, and other requirements.

Timing Belt Tension Member Materials

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyester
  • Kevlar
  • Steel
  • Other materials available upon request

Timing Belt Body Materials

  • Neoprene
  • Polyurethane
  • Natural rubber
  • Other polymers available upon request

Your #1 Source for Standard and Custom Precision Timing Belts

Ondrives.US provides durable, precision-molded timing belts for all motion transfer applications. Request a quote or contact us for the standard or custom timing belts you need.