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Precision Mechanical Components

Precision mechanical components include bearings, shafts, couplings, bushings, feather keys, and other bearing mounting tools used in the assembly of gearboxes, speed reducers, and other mechanical drive components. These components are used in numerous applications for industries including medical, aerospace, servo systems, and other mechanical applications.
High-performance applications require precision mechanical components that can withstand demanding operating conditions without sacrificing performance.  Precision bearing mounting tools are designed to handle high speeds and deliver the high accuracy required in mechanical operations and are made from materials that withstand harsh operating conditions.

Precision Manufactured Mechanical Components

To assist you in the design and assembly of your equipment, our precision manufacturing company offers a selection of unique precision mechanical components including bushings, gear and shaft clamps, motor clamps, and mounts for bearings, shaft supports, and rotating components. We also manufacture gearboxes, precision gears, couplings and clutches, and other drive components.
If we don’t have it, our precise manufacturing engineers can probably make it. Our capabilities include custom components as well as precision assembly, tuning, milling, CAD/CAM drafting, and more to accommodate a broad range of mechanical component needs.
Ondrives.US has a very complete manufacturing facility for precision mechanical components and can often make the custom products you need, complete to your drawing.   Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered, and we can accommodate projects ranging from prototypes to large production runs. Browse our product selection to find the right precision mechanical components for your application or contact us to learn more about modified and custom options.

Precision Mechanical Components for High-Speed Applications

Ondrives.US supplies all the bearing mounting and precision assembly tools you need for your precision gears and drive components. Our precision mechanical components are offered in industry standard inch and metric sizes with modified or customized components available upon request.


Our selection of bearings includes plain and flanged radial ball bearings, inch and metric thrust bearings, and inch and metric thrust washers. Offered in steel and stainless steel options.

Bearing & Shaft Shims

Ball bearings need to be preloaded in order to bring the balls into contact with the inner and outer races of the bearing. Our shim spacers are available in inner race and outer race dimensions and a wide assortment of thicknesses to facilitate your assembly.

Cam Followers

Ondrives.US ball bearing cam followers are available with mounted radial ball bearings, or high load roller bearings. Bearing diameters range from ¼” to 2”.

Easy-Access™ Linear Shaft Supports

Our linear shaft supports were created to solve a frequent problem. When industry standard shaft supports are used and the linear bearings need to be replaced, the shaft supports are often unbolted from their base platform. When they are reinstalled, the shafts must be critically realigned to maintain exact parallels. Our linear shaft supports are a two-piece design and the base portion need never be unfastened. The shafts are installed from the top and locked in place with the removable top portion.

Feather Keys

Feather Keys are superior to standard key stock, woodruff keys or fastening with dowel pins or spring pins. Find out why in our feather key white paper.

Gear & Shaft Clamps

Ondrives.US precision manufacturing company has gear clamps and shaft clamps in a wide range of bore diameters available from stock.  Split clamps are offered in anodized aluminum or 303 stainless steel in sizes from 3/32” to 16mm. Fish tail collar clamps in 303 stainless steel in sizes from 3/16” to 13mm.

Motor Clamps & Cleats

Many small motors, gearboxes and other devices are supplied with mounting flanges that need to be held in place with small clamps. Ondrives.US motor mount clamps are designed for this purpose.

Mounts for Bearings & Rotating Components

Ondrives.US precise manufacturing created flange mounts and stud mounts for application where bearings or other rotating components require mounting on walls or panels. Both mounts are available in journal diameters from ¼” to 1”. Custom precision machined components can be supplied.

Shaft Collars

Our shaft collars feature integral inner race shims for quick and easy ball bearing preload. They are offered in standard shaft, ball bearing shaft, and four screw shaft options with bore sizes up to 1”, depending on style. Metric bore sizes are also available.

Thrust Bearings, Thrust Washers & Retainers

Thrust bearings are required to support axial thrust in a mechanism. Our thrust bearings are simple to use and available in precise manufacturing of carbon steel or stainless steel. The nylon ball retainer requires no lubrication.    

Contact Ondrives.US for Precision Mechanical Components

Our in-stock inventory of precision mechanical components includes shaft supports and shaft clamps, feather keys, gear clamps, and more. Place your order or request a quote today, or contact us to learn more about our precision gearboxes and other products.