Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Air-Torque Piston Air Motors

Air motors generate torque and rotational motion by converting the energy of compressed air into mechanical work. Fast response times enable an instant increase or reduction in speed, allowing you to control speed to very precise limits. The ability to achieve maximum torque with minimum air consumption makes pneumatic gear motors more energy-efficient than electric motors.

Air-Torque™ Piston Motors are ideal for low-speed, high torque applications and perform well in humid or wet environments because they are unaffected by condensate and resist corrosion. Flammable environments are also prime sites for air motors as there is no danger of sparks. You can also install air motors where magnetic fields and electromagnetic interference are design issues, such as in MRI scanners or underwater and in stealth applications where a stray signal could give away your position.

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Ondrives.US Piston Air Motors vs. Electric Motors  

Air-Torque™ Piston Air Motors are a user-friendly and energy-efficient alternative to an electrical, variable speed drive. These pneumatic gear motors are used in applications requiring high power and high starting torsion and accurate speed control.   Air-Torque™ Piston Air Motors work in almost all conditions and deliver maximum output while requiring little care.
  • Unaffected by overloads, unlike electric motors that can easily trip circuits
  • Reliable and consistent starting and stopping without motor burnout
  • Safe to use in volatile atmospheres—no electrical power means no danger of sparks
  • Compatible with designs where magnetic fields and electromagnetic fields cause interference
  • Generates much less heat compared to electric motors
  • Transports easily for use in areas where electricity is not available
  • Have a higher power density, offering more power than an electric motor of the same size

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Precision Engineered High Torque Air Motors

Decades of engineering expertise and a reputation for quality make Ondrives.US a leading air motor supplier. Our pneumatic gear motor designs offer several additional advantages over other air motors on the market, including:
  • Lower noise level when compared to a standard air motor
  • Requires a lower volume of air, which means fewer air leaks
  • Allows you to adjust the motor speed to fine limits
  • Reversing is possible
  • Gives a near-instant response, even under load
  • Uses air for lubrication, leading to less maintenance
  • Optimized air consumption
  • Speed control can be adjusted to very precise limits
  • Instant Stop-Start similar to a Stepping Motor
  • Programmed control when fitted with sensors
  • Available with a non-lubricated gas supply for applications requiring a clean environment
  • Aluminum or acetal housing
  • Base mount, body mount, or flange styles offered
  • ATEX-compliant air motors available by request

Modified and Custom Pneumatic Gear Motors

Modified and custom air motors provide a solution for any application with unique requirements. Our engineers can work from an existing drawing or design a custom pneumatic gear motor specific to your application. Customization options include air motors with gearboxes, lubricated air motors, and NEMA flange mount air motors.

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The advantage of air motors is evident. Piston air motors are more convenient and easier to use when compared to other power-generating motors. They are also less polluting and require significantly less maintenance.
Ondrives.US is a pneumatic gear motor supplier offering durable, precision-engineered gearboxes and air motors for power transmission applications. Order a piston air motor online or request a quote for a custom or modified product.