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Misalignment Couplings transfer torque or power while absorbing misalignment between two rotating shafts. Shaft couplings are commonly used within high power and torque applications, including motors, gearboxes, and other precision drive components. There are various types of coupling options used to meet your unique specifications.

Shaft Coupling Options

Ondrives.US offers various standard and custom premium shaft coupling options to meet the needs of any application.

Beam Couplings Beam Couplings

Beam Shaft Couplings transmit torque or power from one shaft to another and are offered in the following four options:
  • Spiral – 7 degrees of angular offset and torques up to 1240 inch-lbs. and up to 5,000 RPM
  • Servo Beam – Operates up to 10,000 rpm, up to 7 degrees angular compensation, with torques up to 300 in-lbs.
  • Step Beam – Electrically isolating and does not wind up when they reverse direction, up to 220 in-lbs. in torque and 10,000 RPM
  • Slit Beam – High rigidity and offer high torque and torsional stiffness

Disc Couplings Disc Couplings and Open Disc Coupling

Disc couplings are used to connect two shafts to transmit torque. Disc Couplings are available in the following two options for your motion control application needs:
  • Oldham Sliding Disc Couplings3-piece coupling mechanism that provides generous radial compensation, rated for zero-backlash for up to 10,000,000 rotations, allows up to 0.5 degree angular offset while electrically isolating the drive from the driven component
  • Membrane Disc Shaft CouplingsTorsional rigid design with zero-backlash, can accommodate up to 4° of angular offset, up to 885 in-lbs. in torque and 5,000 RPM

Spider Jaw Couplings Spider Jaw Coupling

Spider Jaw Couplings feature two metal hubs and a polyurethane element that can handle torque up to 1060 inch-lbs and speeds up to 40,000 RPM for light power drives or where misalignment is small. Spider Jaw Couplings are available in the following two formats:
  • Curved JawAccommodates angular misalignment and slight axial misalignment
  • Cardan Jaw Also accommodates radial misalignment

Servo High Gain Couplings Servo High Gain Coupling

Servo High Gain Couplings are electrically isolating and are primarily used for servo motor systems within semiconductor manufacturing equipment, offering zero-backlash and speed response frequencies without the problematic effects of vibration.

Bellows Couplings

Metal bellows couplings are flexible couplings with two fastening hubs connected to a series of flexible stainless steel Bellows Couplins or bronze bellows (corrugations). The corrugations absorb axial forces created by thermal expansion as the motor heats up. Bellows couplings can handle higher operating temperatures than elastomer couplings and are available in the following three options:
  • High MisalignmentIdeal for use in metering valves, positioning slides, pulse generators, scanners, servo drives, and velocity control systems, torques up to 111 in-lbs. and 5,000 RPM
  • Encoder Shaft Couplings Typically used within applications requiring high precision, providing zero-backlash and a superior combination of angular, radial, and axial misalignment, torques up to 18 in-lbs. and 52,000 RPM
  • Torque to 3098 lbs.-inIdeal for use in virtually any motion control application, including servo drives and velocity control systems, delivering low inertia, zero-backlash, and nominal torque up to 3098 in-lbs. and 20,000 RPM

Double Loop Drive Couplings Double Loop Drive Couplings

Electrically isolating two-stage coupling with exceptional flexibility in angular, radial, and axial modes. Double Loop Drive Couplings are ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives and work without any friction, wear, or noise. Up to 3,000 RPM and 160 in-lbs. in torque. Double loop drive couplings are ideal for light power drives, pumps, and small generators.

Flexible Insert Shaft Couplings Flexible Insert Coupling

Flexible Insert Shaft Couplings are electrically isolating and designed for speeds up to 39,000 RPM and torques up to 18 in-lbs., providing excellent flexibility, high levels of parallel, and angular misalignment allowance.Universal Lateral and Offset Joint Couplings

Universal-Lateral and Cross Joint Couplings Universal Later and Cross Joint Couplings

Universal-Lateral and Cross Joint Couplings are general purpose light duty couplings that offer generous angular and radial misalignment compensation, while providing zero-backlash operation up to 100,000,000 cycles and torque output of up to 108 in-lbs. These couplings provide up to 3,000 volt electrical isolation and are ideal for general-purpose applications that include encoders, resolvers, potentiometer drives, small positioning slides, dosing pumps, and light drives.

Universal Joint Couplings Universal Joint Couplings

Universal Joint couplings offer zero-backlash and up to 90 degrees of angular offset. Offered in single-joint, double-joint, and telescopic double-joint types for use in driveshafts, control mechanisms, machinery, tool drivers, and other mechanical applications, providing speeds up to 1,000 RPM and torques up to 95 in-lbs.

Magnetic Disc Couplings Magnetic Disc Coupling

Magnetic Disc couplings use rare earth magnets in 2 opposing, non-contacting hubs to transmit torque through the air. Since there is no contact, the couplings will never wear out or create heat. They are typically used in pumps for seal-less applications, keeping corrosive, toxic, or flammable liquids from escaping into the atmosphere. Magnetic Disc Couplings add up to 3 degrees of angular misalignment, up to ¼” parallel misalignment, and torques up to 540 in-lbs. and 45,500 RPM.

Order Standard & Custom Misalignment Shaft Couplings from Ondrives.US

Ondrives.US offers standard and custom misalignment shaft coupling options to meet your project’s specifications. Request a Custom or Modified Product or review our Competitor Cross Reference Tool to find the part number you need.