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Gearboxes & Air Motors

Gearboxes are a fundamental component of many drive systems. With a wide range of designs and configurations available, gearboxes can be used to increase torque, reduce or increase speed, reverse rotation, or change the direction of the driveshaft. 

Ondrives.US designs and manufactures high precision gearboxes in a range of sizes, from miniature to robust (view catalog). We offer unique, compact, and lightweight gearboxes in ratios up to 3600:1, with output torque as high as 850Nm.

We offer the widest standard range of speed reducers, including wormwheel, crossed axis, right angle, counter rotating, spur gear, inline, rack and pinion, planetary motorized and miniature. We also offer customized gearboxes, with endless combinations of these configurations available. The possibilities are limited only by system requirements and designer imagination.

References for Selecting the Right Gearbox

If you’re not sure what type of gearbox is right for your application, view our Buyer’s Guide to see ten important points to consider when choosing a gearbox. Another valuable reference, Inertia and the Use of Inertia Figures offers a formula for dealing with inertia in gearbox selection. 

Air Motor | Ondrives.US

Air Motors

Air motors are much more convenient and easy to use as compared to other power generating motors. They are also less polluting and require less maintenance. 

Wormwheel Gearboxes | Ondrives.USWormwheel Gearboxes

Ondrives.US compact right angle wormwheel speed reducers produce an output at 90° from the input. 10 space-saving frame sizes are available, with output torques as high as 420Nm.


Crossed Axis Gearboxes | Ondrives.USCrossed Axis Gearboxes

Our crossed axis gear drives produce an output at 90° from the input, and are built with anodized aluminum housings and hardened alloy steel input gears for durability in challenging applications. Available with gear ratios from 1:1 to 40:1 and torque values up to 62Nm.


Right Angle Bevel Gearboxes | Ondrives.USRight Angle Bevel Gearboxes

Our Bevel T right angle speed reducers feature a shaft that passes through both sides in the form of a “T”. This solid thru-shaft rotates at both ends simultaneously. Also available with a single output shaft. Available in ratios from 1:1 to 24:1.


Counter Rotating Bevel Gearboxes | Ondrives.USCounter Rotating Bevel Gearboxes

Our counter rotating T-style bevel gearboxes feature two output shaft on the same axis and an input shaft at 90° from both; the output shafts rotate in opposite directions.


Spur Gear Reducers | Ondrives.USSpur Gear Reducers

Also known as parallel shaft gearboxes, spur gear reducer boxes provide an output that is parallel to the direction of the input shaft. Available in gear ratios from 2:1 to 7:1 with torque output up to 850Nm.



In-Line Gearboxes | Ondrives.USInline Gearboxes

Inline reducer gearboxes provide an output that continues in the same direction and on the same plane as the input. We offer a wide range of inline reducers, including spur, Encoder, low-backlash taper, speed increasers, and more. Available in ratios up to 3600:1.


Rack and Pinion Actuators | Ondrives.USRack & Pinion Actuator Gearboxes

Ondrives.US’ rack and pinion actuator gear drives convert rotational motion into linear motion, or vice versa. Our compact designs provide short strokes from 10mm to 30mm.


Planetary and motorized gearboxesPlanetary & Motorized Gearboxes

Our motorized planetary reducers are small, inline devices designed for low backlash performance in speeds up to 3,000 RPM. Slim, compact footprints make them ideal for applications where space is limited.


Miniature Gearboxes | Ondrives.USMiniature Gearboxes

Many of our other gear reducer styles are available in miniature versions. These ultra-compact gearboxes are precision engineered for superior performance in tight spaces and small-scale applications.


Custom Gearboxes | Ondrives.USCustom Gearboxes

Ondrives.US delivers custom gearboxes to meet any requirements. Our custom speed reducers are built to your unique specifications. Contact our application engineers to discuss your custom gearbox application.

The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Standard, modified, or completely custom-built gearboxes
  • Torques to 850Nm
  • Ratios to 3600:1
  • Greased for life
  • High efficiency, low backlash gearboxes to a max. of 4 arc minutes
  • 30 plus years’ experience in manufacturing gearboxes
  • All gearboxes are conservatively rated
  • Unique miniature gearboxes as small as 0.55” cube
  • NEMA flange mounts
  • Lightweight aluminum or plastic housings
  • Available with ingress protection to IP65 or higher
  • Custom gearboxes made to order

Connect your gearbox with our misalignment shaft couplings available in inch and metric bore sizes. Inch and metric precision ground shafts are available from stock.shafts-dowel-pins

Contact Ondrives.US for High Precision Gearboxes

At Ondrives.US, we think “inside” the box. Our innovative gear reducer technology is ideal for nearly any motion transfer application. Order today, request a quote, or contact us for the gearboxes you need.