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Machined Thumb Screws

Thumbscrews are machined fasteners that are installed in pre-drilled and tapped holes and tightened by hand. They have metal threads made of stainless steel or alloy steel and a wide or raised head made of metal or nylon. Head shapes for thumbscrews vary and include plain, hex socket and plastic round head.

Plain head thumbscrews have a flat head with a straight knurled surface for increased tightening strength. Hex socket head thumbscrews have a raised, knurled head with recessed hex socket for fastening by hand or with a hex wrench for increased torque.

Machined thumb screws are ideal electronics and equipment covers because they are easily removed and reinstalled. They are also less prone to breaking and stripping than other fasteners.

Some of the common uses for thumbscrews include:

  • Electronic device covers
  • Battery covers
  • Communications equipment
  • Machinery panels
  • Safety guards
  • And more

Stainless Steel and Plastic Head Machined Thumbscrews

A primary benefit of thumbscrews is that they have a textured head surface for easy gripping and do not require tools for tightening, making them easy to install. They can be used with a washer for extra holding power or alone for lighter duty applications. When assembled using a washer, a thumbscrew remains in place, even if the bolt loosens.
Ondrives.US carries a variety of in-stock machined thumbscrews to meet your needs and provides custom or modified machined thumbscrews upon request. Request a quote or contact us to discuss which thumb screw option is best for your application.

Stainless Steel Thumb Screws

Our stainless steel thumb screws are available in 303 stainless steel and 416 stainless steel with a plain knurled head or hex socket knurled head. Plain head thumbscrews are fastened by hand and hex socket head thumbscrews can be tightened by hand or with a hex wrench for increased torque. Available with head diameters up to 1 inch and thread lengths up to 2 inches.

Plastic Head Thumb Screws

Plastic head thumb screws have a 18-8 stainless steel thread for corrosion resistance and a flat, black nylon head. Alloy steel screws with plastic heads have hardened threads and are stronger than the stainless screws. We offer plastic thumb screws with a round head for quick and easy installation. Round heads have a straight knurled surface. Available with thread lengths up to 2 inches and head diameters up to 1-1/2 inches.

The Ondrives.US Advantage  

  • Plastic head and stainless-steel thumb screws are available in various lengths.
  • Plastic head and alloy steel thumb screws are available for more demanding applications, 
  • Thread sizes from 4-40 to 3/8-16
  • Metric thumb screws available
  • Thread locking via nylon pellet, nylon strip or patch available
  • Custom thumb screws made to order

Request a Quote for Precision Machined Thumb Screws

Request a quote for any of our in-stock machined thumbscrews or  contact our application engineers to discuss your custom needs.