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A clutch connects the two shafts of a device, so they can spin in unison or spin at different speeds, depending on the situational needs. In a car, one shaft, the flywheel, is connected to the engine while the other, the clutch plate, is connected to the transmission. Using friction between a clutch plate and a flywheel, the clutch either keeps the wheels spinning in sync with the engine, or it disconnects the wheels from the engine, so the car is able to stop.
Clutches are typically made from steel and are paired with another material that generates friction. This material can be fiberglass, Kevlar, brass, steel, engineer polymer, ceramics, or some kind of metallic compound. At Ondrives.Us, we offer a variety of friction clutches for all of your application needs.

Shaft to Shaft Clutches up to 26.6

These adjustable friction clutches are ideal for a shaft to shaft connection. The shafts must be supported and aligned within .010-.015. These clutches offer aluminum housing and adjuster ring and a heat-treated steel hub. They have a max recommended slipping speed of 1000 RPM.

Component Mount up to 26.6

The shaft mounted clutches are engineered to mount on standard motor shaft, through shafts, sheaves, sprockets, gears, and other standard power transmission components. They offer an aluminum housing and adjuster ring, as well as a heat-treated steel hub. These clutches have a max slipping speed of 1000 RPM.

Shaft to Shaft and Component Mount up to 100

The shaft to shaft and component mount clutches are adjustable friction clutches that come in a variety of sizes. Our clutches are engineered for long working life, for up to 30+ million slip cycles, and are permanently lubricated.

Clutches with Misalignment Coupling

These couplings offer system protection and misalignment compensation in one device. Torque reaches to 500 in. lbs. in 7 different sizes, and they have 2-degree maximum backlash. You can use these clutches as torque limiters, tensioners, or overrun devices.

Low Backlash Clutches up to 750

These clutches control torque for intermittent, continuous, or overload slip. The clutches will drive in both directions, slip when the torque setting is reached, and resume driving as the load is reduced. Our low backlash clutches are available in adjustable and fixed.

Pneumatic Clutches

Pneumatic clutches from Ondrives.Us are adjustable slip friction clutches. They are excellent as continuous drag brakes, protection against accidental or intentional overloads, and for “soft starts.” We offer max torque up to 300 in. lbs.

Axial Thrust Capable, Adjustable Friction Clutch

The axial thrust capable clutches are adjustable slip clutches with available max torque up to 100 in. lbs. Our slip clutches contain 2 to 12 brass plates interfaced with a long-life friction material. They are ideal for driving bottle caps, screws, etc., to exact torque setting.

Technical Notes

Our slip clutches are available in a variety of adjustable and fixed models. We offer a 30 million slip cycle life, and a temperature range of -4 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Custom clutches are available with non-standard bores, keyways, and torques.

Friction Clutches from Ondrives.Us

We offer hundreds of standard mechanical clutch options, as well as custom clutches for your unique application needs. We manufacture high quality, high precision clutches tailored to your requirements. Request a quote or contact us to discuss the clutch that’s right for you.
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