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Shaft couplings transmit rotary motion between shafts, taking up misalignment that can be a combination of parallel, angular, and axial. A wide range of precision couplings and miniature shaft couplings are available for purchase. Use motor shaft couplers in either precise positioning, power transmission, reversing, or shock-absorbing applications. To buy shaft couplings, you can use our whitepaper on "How to Select Shaft Couplings" or find a gearbox coupling that meets your needs using the filters in our online catalog.

Mechanical slip clutches are designed to transmit up to a set torque, then slip.  This can be useful in constant tensioning or brake applications where the clutch slips continuously, soft starts and stops, or overload protection to protect machinery and operators.  Choose from a variety of clutch types, including shaft to shaft, component/pulley mount, thrust-capable clutches, and pneumatic clutches that can have their set torque adjusted remotely.