Curved Jaw Couplings

Ondrives.US is one of the industry’s leading suppliers of high performance jaw couplings. Our jaw couplings, a.k.a. spider couplers, allow for high torque transmittal with little to no backlash, regardless of radial or angular shaft misalignment.

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High Performance Spider Couplings for All Applications

Our curved jaw couplings are 3-piece units comprised of two metal hubs encapsulating an elastomeric element. Elements in three different durometers are available, each offering different operational characteristics. We offer curved jaw couplings in a range of standard inch and metric bore sizes, making it easy to find the right model for your application.

Our spider couplers are relatively balanced devices, with high torsional stiffness to 33,000 in-lbs./rad. They are capable of speeds up to 34,100 RPM and operate with zero backlash.

For full specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual product listings.

Our spider couplers can be customized to meet your performance requirements. Contact our applications engineers to discuss your unique needs. 


The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Zero backlash
  • Superior durability for long working life
  • Speeds up to 34,100 RPM
  • Torsional stiffness up to 33,000 in-lbs./rad
  • Torque values up to 142 in-lbs.
  • Wide range of inch & metric jaw coupling bore sizes
  • Any bore-to-bore combination is possible within defined limits
  • Outstanding shock & vibration damping
  • High axial misalignment range
  • Operating temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to 212°F (100°C)
  • Resistant to oils, grease, and most solvents
  • Good atmospheric & chemical resistance
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