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Universal Lateral & Cross Joint Couplings

Universal lateral offset couplings and cross joint couplings provide the flexibility needed to handle shaft misalignment and reduce shaft stress and bearing loads. Offset couplings are specially engineered for light push-pull duties and can anchor unrestricted shafts. Universal lateral offset couplings & cross joint couplings are ideal for use with encoders, resolvers, light-duty steppers, dosing pumps, small positioning slides, light-duty drives, and numerous other applications.



Versatile, High-Performance Unilateral & Cross Joint Couplings

Ondrives.US is a shaft coupling supplier that designs and manufactures some of the industry’s best-performing, most reliable shaft couplings. Our Universal-Lateral and Cross Joint offset couplings are unique, light-duty devices for general purpose applications. Offset couplings provide zero backlash operation and torque output up to 108 in-lbs.
Our unilateral couplings & cross joint offset couplings provide resistance free angular and radial compensation. They combine the pivotal action of a universal joint and the sliding action of a sliding disc coupler. Together, these two factors allow the devices to overcome both radial and angular misalignment. By design, they restrict any axial movement.
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Universal Lateral Offset Couplings

Universal lateral offset couplings are 50% shorter than bellows couplings and provide axial stiffness to transmit light push-pull loads. This couplings style allows for angular and radial misalignment and provides flex-free mechanical action for low bearing loads.
Benefits of universal lateral offset couplings include low inertia, zero backlash operation, and electrical isolation. We offer inch and metric universal lateral offset couplings with set screw hubs or clamp hubs.  These offset couplings should not be used in pairs.

Cross Joint Couplings

Cross joint couplings are flexible metal couplings with identical clockwise and counterclockwise rotational characteristics. These couplings feature a cap screw fixing and a high precision fit of pin and bushing to provide zero backlash operation.
Benefits and features of cross joint couplings include high torque and static torsional stiffness, excellent vibration absorption, and small eccentric reaction force to reduce shaft and bearing load. We offer cross joint metal couplings in inch or metric bore sizes with a cap screw fixing.  These offset couplings should not be used in pairs.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Offset Couplings

We offer cross joint couplings and universal lateral offset couplings for light-duty and general-purpose applications. Our unilateral & cross joint offset couplings can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Contact an Ondrives.US application engineer to discuss your performance needs.

Universal Lateral Offset Coupling Features & Benefits

  • Backlash-free up to 100,000,000 cycles
  • Provide up to 10° angular compensation
  • Accommodate up to 0.04” radial misalignment
  • Resistance free misalignment compensation
  • Torque values up to 108 in-lbs.
  • 50% shorter than bellows couplings
  • Lower inertia than bellows couplings
  • Up to 3,000V electrical isolation
  • Axially stiff to better transmit light push-pull loads
  • Flex-free mechanical action for low-bearing loads
  • Clamp and set screw hubs available
  • Hubs manufactured from brass alloy or aluminum 2014 T6
  • Bearing rings manufactured from black acetyl
  • Operational temperature range: -4 to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

Cross Joint Coupling Features & Benefits

  • Zero backlash operation
  • Provide up to 1° angular compensation
  • Accommodate up to 0.2mm radial misalignment
  • Torque values up to 106 in.-lbs.
  • Static torsional stiffness up to 20.4 lbs./in.
  • Hubs manufactured from aluminum A2017
  • Stainless steel cap screw fixing
  • Bore and keyway modifications available upon request
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