Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Step-Beam Couplings

Step beam couplings are flexible to accommodate parallel and angular shaft misalignment between two connected shafts. Patented Step-Beam™ shaft couplings have straight cut beams that spiral around the coupling. This unique design incorporates the smooth motion of a spiral cut beam coupling and the torsional and axial stiffness of a straight cut beam coupling. The one-piece design of Step-Beam™ couplings requires less maintenance and accommodates larger misalignment than other coupling styles. View our White Paper on “How to select Shaft Couplings” for assistance in the selection of the most appropriate type of shaft couplings for your application.


Selecting Your Step-Beam ™ Couplings

Shaft to shaft misalignment couplings are a small, yet crucial part of your drive system. Using the incorrect style or size of coupling causes issues like imprecise positioning, vibration, noise and premature bearing or coupling failure. Calculating tolerance and misalignment is the first step.   You also need to consider the application and operating environment, as well as needs for space and performance.

Step-Beam™ Couplings for Shaft to Shaft Misalignment

Ondrives.US created the Step-Beam™ coupling to solve some of the shortfalls of other beam shaft coupling types. Our Engineered Polymer Step-Beam™ couplings are available with 1" outside diameter and many bore combinations. They are high performing, lower cost shaft coupling types with superior angular, radial and axial compensation. Couple to almost any shaft diameter with Ondrives.US Bore Reducers or attach your coupling to an Ondrives.US Precision Ground Shaft, available from stock.

Step Couplings with Zero Backlash and Zero Windup 

Our patented Step-Beam™ couplings are zero-backlash shaft to shaft misalignment couplings that do not windup when they reverse direction.  This provides an advantage over spiral cut beam couplings that wind up and have significant axial compression and expansion, creating a disadvantage in some applications. 

Bump-Free Rotation Beam Shaft Couplings

Step-Beam™ couplings do not have a noticeable “bump” or stiffness every 90 degrees of rotation.  Most straight cut beam couplings have beams that are at 90 degrees to each other. When this type of coupling is dealing with significant shaft misalignment, there is a noticeable “bump” or stiffness every quarter revolution.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: We have unique and patented items

  • Zero Backlash
  • Balanced design
  • Torsionally rigid design
  • Superior radial and angular compensation
  • Superior axial offset
  • Any bore to bore combination available within the min. max. limit
  • Available in clamp and set screw fastening versions
  • Molded Step Beam Coupling
    • 85% lighter weight than metal beam couplings
    • Tremendous reduction in inertia
    • Torque ratings equal to or better than spiral cut beam couplings
    • Lower cost   

Request a Quote for Beam Shaft Couplings

Ondrives.US has a reputation for designing and engineering high quality, high-performance beam couplings, and other components for precision applications. We stock all the standard bore sizes to meet your needs and offer the option of customization for unique applications.

View our in-stock step coupling options to request a quote, our contact our engineers to discuss your project requirements.