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Servo High-Gain Couplings

High-gain rubber couplings are flexible couplings that transmit torque from machine drive shafts while allowing for misalignment. They are often used for servo systems in semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, mount machines, machine tools, packaging machines, and other automation tools. They help servo motors deliver speed-response frequencies without the problematic effects of vibration.

High-rigidity couplings like disc-couplings have a hard time getting the optimal performance from servo motors. High-gain couplings, however, are designed with aluminum hubs on both sides of an internal rubber structure that prevents backlash while remaining flexible. The servo motor coupling's rubber serves as a durable material that optimizes torsional rigidity and provides vibration absorption.

Benefits of High-Gain Couplings for Servo Motors

In a servo motor system, high gain couplings are often used because of their static torsional stiffness and backlash-free features. Servo systems also benefit from significant reduction of stabilization time and the elimination of occurrences of hunting which can be detrimental to machine-operating equilibrium and affect servomotor control.
Servo motors require specific guidelines like gain margins between 10 and 20 dB, and couplings need to be designed to optimize for these conditions. As gain is increased, gain margin decreases and hunting can occur, but high-gain couplings are ideal for this situation. They increase servomotor gain better than disc couplings and provide higher torsional stiffness.
The rubber interior and metal exterior construction of high-gain couplings provide many advantages for servo motor applications. These include:
  • Operation with zero backlash
  • Elimination of vibration
  • Reduction of stabilization time
  • Transportation of high torque loads
  • Lightweight, compact package

Servo High-Gain Couplings from Ondrives

Our high-gain rubber couplings were created to meet the needs of the latest evolution of high-speed servo and stepper motors. Recent motors have undergone technological advancements and speed response frequency has seen dramatic improvement, meaning vibration damping is needed more than ever.
Couplings from Ondrives provide effective vibration damping, as well as torsional stiffness that allows for accurate position repeatability. We also offer customized high-gain couplings to meet your requirements.  We offer customizable options in inch or metric bore sizes, as well as a variety of materials, lengths, and tolerances. We can create custom shaft couplings with or without electrical insultation, as well as meet your exact tolerance needs.

Contact Ondrives for Your Coupling Needs

Our engineering team are experts in designing, engineering, and manufacturing shaft couplings for all of your unique applications. With our expertise, we can create custom couplings that meet any of your design or performance requirements.
With our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we will work with you to create the high-gain rubber couplings you need. Contact us today to learn more about our servo high-gain couplings or request a quote today.
Attach your precision High-Gain servo coupler to an Ondrives.US Precision Ground Shaft, available from stock.