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Bellows Couplings

Metal bellow couplings are flexible couplings with two clamping hubs connected to a series of flexible stainless steel or bronze bellows (corrugations). The corrugations absorb axial forces created by thermal expansion as the motor heats up. Bellows couplings can handle higher operating temperatures than elastomer couplings.

With over 30 years of bellow couplings production experience, Ondrives.US is your trusted manufacturer and distributor of premium metal bellows, including High Misalignment, Encoder Shaft Couplings, and Torque to 3098lb-in couplings. Contact us or request a quote for high-precision, backlash-free bellow couplings today!

The Ondrives.US Advantage

Ondrives.US is a bellows coupling manufacturer offering standard couplings along with modified or custom options to meet the demands of any application. Features and benefits of our stainless-steel bellows couplings include:
  • Zero Backlash
  • Up to 8 degrees of angular offset
  • Any bore-to-bore combination available within the min. max. limit
  • Inch and metric bellows coupling bores
  • Torques to 3098 inch-lbs
  • Stainless Steel or Bronze Bellows
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High torque in a compact package
  • Bores up to 3.97”
  • Low inertia
  • RPM up to 52,000
  • Metal bellows couplings feature excellent kinematic properties
  • Temperature up to +302°F
  • Aluminum or Steel hubs
  • Clamp or Set Screw Fastening

High-Torque Bellow Couplings Benefits

Ondrives.US bellows are lightweight and have thin walls, allowing for flexibility in minor angular, axial, or parallel misalignment while maintaining a rigid torsional connection between shafts or other joined components. This unique combination of torsional rigidity and flexibility allows for precise angular positioning and high-speed transmission of velocity and torque. 

How to Select the Right Metal Bellows Coupling for Your Motion Control Application?

It is crucial to determine the peak torque capacity of your servo motor and the shaft size before selecting a coupling. Using a bellows coupler in applications that exceed its peak torque rating will cause coupling failure and potential equipment damage.
Need help selecting the right bellows coupling for your application? Ondrives.US engineers have developed a White Paper, “How to select Shaft Couplings,” to assist you in selecting your metal bellows.

Backlash-Free Bellows Couplings for Motion Control Applications

Bellows offset couplings provide high performance in applications involving shaft to shaft misalignment. These offset bellow couplings allow a superior combination of angular, radial, and axial misalignment not found in many other couplings. As proper backlash-free couplings, they are ideal for any motion control application. Common uses for stainless steel or bronze bellows couplings include:  
  • Servo drives
  • Stepper motors
  • Pulse generators
  • Positioning slides
  • Metering valves
  • Velocity control systems
  • Scanners

Why Choose Ondrives.US for Metal Bellows Couplings?

Ondrives.US Bellows couplings comprise two end hubs with set screws or an integral clamp to fasten to a shaft. The flex member of the coupling is hydroformed from tubing to make deep flexible grooves, with the center bellow coupling unit permanently attached to the hubs.
We offer Short, Long, and Stretched version bellows couplings for various combinations of stiffness, radial compensation, and axial motion. Features include:
  • Set screw or clamp fastening
  • Bore sizes up to 20mm 
  • Peak torque up to 111 in-lbs.
Our Heavy Duty Bellows couplings have peak torques up to 3098 in-lbs. and bore size up to 100mm for more demanding applications.

Backlash-Free Metal Bellows Custom Options

Ondrives.US offers customization on all our flexible stainless-steel or bronze bellows couplings to meet your motion control requirements. Please contact our application engineers to discuss your specifications. We also offer complementary products to attach and position your bellows couplings:
  • Bore Reducers let you couple to almost any shaft diameter. They are offered in brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Attach your bellows shaft coupling to a Precision Ground Shaft, available from stock.

Order Flexible Bellows Couplings in the Size & Torque Rating You Need

Bellows couplings offer the torsional stiffness and flexibility required for high-speed, high-precision motion control applications. Select an in-stock option that meets your torque rating requirements, contact us, or request a quote to discuss modified or customized stainless steel bellows couplings today.

We also offer other Zero-Backlash couplings that may meet your needs. Check out our Metal Servo-Beam™Polymer Servo-Beam™, and Polymer Step-Beam™ couplings.