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Inner & Outer Race Shims

Preloading your ball bearing system eliminates the extra clearance between the inner race and outer race of the bearing, allowing for smoother mechanical operation. Excessive or insufficient preload, however, can cause more damage than good.

Inner race and outer race bearing shims come in varying thicknesses to help you achieve the right amount of axial preload for your bearings. When installed correctly, bearings shaft shims help prevent misalignment, reduce noise and vibration, improve system rigidity, and extend bearing life. A versatile design also allows use as shaft spacers to align and adjust the spacing between two components.

Ondrives.US manufactures inner and outer race bearing shaft shims in 303 stainless steel or anodized aluminum.  Our ball bearing race shims have a single piece construction and tight width tolerances for a secure fit. Select from hundreds of standard inch widths and bore diameters to suit nearly any application. Metric or custom bearing shaft shims are also available upon request.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Precision Bearing Shaft Shims

We have a strong reputation for engineering and manufacturing high-quality precision mechanical components.  Our bearing shaft shims have tight tolerances and press snugly against the inner and outer race for effective preloading.  A wide range of thickness options ensures you will find the right configuration needed for shimming out components.
  • Made to precise tolerances
  • Inch and metric sizes
  • Bore tolerance: +.005/-.000 in.
  • Width tolerance: 0005 in.
  • Modified and custom race shims available
Always consider your starting and running torque, load capacity, and stiffness requirements before selecting your bearing shaft shims. Our application engineers can help you find the right inner race or outer race bearings for your system requirements.

Submit A Request for High-Strength Bearing Shaft Shims

For decades, engineers have trusted Ondrives.US for their precision components. We offer an extensive inventory of bearing shims and shaft collars in metric or inch sizes to handle your mechanical requirements. Find in-stock inner race and outer race bearing shaft shims in the sizes you need or submit a request for custom or modified products.