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Worm & Wormwheels

As the most compact small precision gears system available, worm and worm gears sets deliver a high reduction ratio in a very small space. Worm gear sets transfer motion between non-intersecting right-angle shafts and offer the quietest and smoothest running operation of any gear type.

Ondrives.US is a worm and wheel gear manufacturer with over 60 years of engineering expertise. We offer worms and worm gears sets in inch and metric sizes and numerous pitch, tooth count, and hub options. Order from stock based on your technical requirements or use our competitor cross-reference tool to find a comparable replacement for your existing worms and wormwheels.

Modified or custom worm gear sets are also available for your unique application.


Worm Gear Sets

Worm gears offer the high reduction ratios required for demanding applications and the compact design needed for small equipment. The design is simple but effective.   A worm is configured similarly to a machine screw, but with teeth designed to mesh with the teeth of a worm wheel. These small precision worm gears may have single or multiple threads (called starts) used to advance the wheel gear.

With each revolution, a single-start worm moves the associated worm wheel by one tooth. Worms with multiple starts move the mating worm gear a corresponding number of teeth with each revolution. For example, a 2-start worm will move its worm wheel two teeth per revolution.)

The Ondrives.US Advantage: We Know Worms & Wheels

Our precision ground stainless steel worm and wheels and phosphor bronze worm gears provide the best accuracy, smoothest operation, and longest working life. Choose from worm and wheel sets with a 16, 24, 32, 48 or 64 diametral pitch or metric module sets 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 mod.
Mount your worm gears on precision ground shafts—available from stock. We also offer a variety of worm wheel gearboxes.
  • Worm wheel gears systems for instrumentation, servo drives, encoders, power transmission, and more
  • Ratios from 5:1 to 180:1 depending on the gears selected
  • Available with 1, 2, or 4 starts
  • Worm material: 303 stainless steel
  • Worm wheel material: bronze QQ-B-637 alloy 464
  • Inch and metric worm gears available
  • 60-plus years of precision worm gears manufacturing experience
  • Custom worm gears available in almost any material. 

Custom Worm & Wormwheels Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

At Ondrives.US, we can assist with designs, modifications, prototypes, and complete production of custom drive components and gears for any application. If your project specifications require custom mechanical components, our engineering team can produce parts and components that match your drawings and meet your performance needs.

Your High Precision Worm and Wheel Manufacturer

Ondrives.US is a trusted worm and wheel set supplier recognized for our design expertise and precision component manufacturing capabilities. Order the small precision gears you need online or request a quote for custom worms and wheel gears.