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Standard Height Shaft Supports

Our Standard Profile SBL Series Easy-Access™ Linear Shaft Supports are available in both inch and metric. They feature a top-loading design, enabling users to achieve and maintain the proper positioning of shafts on which linear bushings and bearings travel. Machined from high quality 1016 aluminum bar stock and black anodized, our shaft support blocks are 50 to 60 percent lighter than their industry-standard cast iron counterparts. Order the top-loading Standard Height SBL Easy-Access™ Linear Shaft Supports your project requires today, request a quote for a custom or modified product, or contact Ondrives.US for more information.


Easy-Access™ Standard Height Shaft Support Blocks

Shaft support blocks help you maintain proper shaft alignment in linear motion applications. Most supports, however, have a design that makes shaft installation challenging and causes alignment loss when accessing components for servicing.

Ondrives.US is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of power transfer solutions and related products. The unique, removable-top design of our Easy-Access™ SBL Series linear shaft supports allows users to easily remove the shafts, linear bearings, and carriage without upsetting the position of the shaft support. This top-loading feature eliminates the need to reset the critical parallel alignment many linear shaft systems require.  These standard height shaft supports are interchangeable with industry standard shaft support blocks and available in a variety of inch (SBL) and metric (SBLM) sizes to meet the needs of any application.
When using conventional shaft supports, they must be fully dismounted from their base to allow for the service of shafts and bearings. This can lead to shaft misalignment, which in turn prevents the carriage or table from sliding back and forth on its bushings or bearings.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Interchangeable Linear Shaft Supports

Ondrives.US’ SBL/SBLM shaft support blocks are interchangeable with industry standard supports. They have the same shaft height and base mounting hole locations. The aluminum construction reduces weight by more than 50% compared to traditional cast iron shaft supports, and anodized coatings provide improved corrosion resistance.
  • Top loading linear shaft supports
  • Industry standard footprint with Easy-Access™ design
  • Remove shafts, bearings & carriages without upsetting base alignment
  • More than 50% lighter than conventional cast-iron supports
  • Inch & metric sizes available
  • Easily customizable
  • Parallel & Perpendicular surfaces for easy alignment
  • Lightweight, precision-machined aluminum construction
  • Corrosion-resistant anodized finish
  • Available in numerous inch (SBL) & metric (SBLM) sizes
  • Custom shaft supports available
  • RoHS compliant
  • Made in the USA

Order Standard Height Shaft Supports for Linear Motion Applications

Ondrives.US offers in-stock and customized standard height shaft supports in SBL and SBLM options. We also offer a wide range of Precision Ground Shafts, available from stock. All our drive components are engineered for precision and provide you with the reliable performance you need for your linear motion applications.

Order top-loading linear shaft supports online, request a quote for custom or modified shaft supports, or contact us for more information.