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Inch & Metric Thrust Washers

Thrust washers are a cost-effective alternative to using thrust bearings between rotating and stationary components. Designed specifically for moderate speed motion control applications, thrust washers provide almost the same movement as bearings but are not as free running. Use these precision washers in a single or stacked configuration based on your power transmission requirements.

Ondrives.US provides inch and metric thrust washers in a broad range of standard sizes. A smooth surface finish of 10 mirco inches improves movement and hardened materials offer durability. Choose from CR 410 stainless steel thrust washers heat treated to RC 38-42 or CR 1075 steel thrust washers heat treated to RC 59-61.

Stock thrust washers ship quickly, and we offer volume discounts on order qualities over 50. Custom thrust washers are available for applications requiring unique sizes or bore diameters.  We also offer complete thrust bearing sets with two washers and a set of balls secured in a nylon retainer. 

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Ondrives.US is a one-stop source for all your mechanical needs. We offer an extensive selection of thrust washers in inch or metric sizes and engineer custom products to your specifications.  Select from our standard stock options or submit a request to discuss our custom offerings.