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Misalignment Clutch Coupling

Misalignment causes premature wear that damages clutches, shafts, bearings. Another issue caused by misalignment is gearbox failure, which negatively impacts machine performance and decreases the operating life of your equipment. Clutch couplings resolve shaft misalignment issues and protect drive mechanisms from the effects of shock, vibration, and hard starts.

Shaft misalignment couplings from Ondrives.US provide system protection and misalignment compensation in a single device. Our zero backlash clutch couplings come in adjustable torque and fixed torque models with an option of inch or metric bore sizes.  


Resolve Misalignment Issues with Clutch Couplings from Ondrives.US

Causes of shaft misalignment include poor alignment of mating components, high torque during startup, thermal expansion in the gearbox housing, and deflection resulting from high loads. Misalignment is a common but preventable issue that can be remedied by using clutch couplings to connect your shafts. Ondrives.US offers zero-backlash clutch couplings to handle your misalignment needs. Proper alignment results in a smoother and more efficient transmission of power, along with reduced drive component wear. The versatile design allows for use as a torque limiter, tensioner, or overrun device.

Additional features of our shaft misalignment couplings include:  

  • Oldham coupling clutch
  • Set screw fixing
  • Max backlash: 2°
  • Angular misalignment: 2°
  • Radial misalignment: 0.016” (277 to 24) or 0.020” (32 to 52)
  • 175° maximum permissible surface temperature
  • 1,000 RPM maximum continuous speed at light load (specify required torque for fixed versions)
  • Zero backlash
Our Misalignment Coupling Selection Whitepaper lists all the items to consider when selecting a clutch coupling. 

Order Zero Backlash Misalignment Couplings

Ondrives.US clutch couplings are precision engineered to deliver high performance and reliability in demanding applications. We are committed to quality control and have qualified engineers on staff to help you select the best components for your precision application.
Order inch or metric misalignment couplings from our online inventory or contact us to request a custom product. We can build custom clutch couplings to print or create modified products based on your specifications.