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Custom Thumb Screws

Custom thumb screws are fasteners with a large, grip-friendly head that can be tightened by hand. Thumb screws are ideal for limited-space applications where a tool cannot fit within a confined space or for quick-access applications that do not require a permanent fastener.
Request a quote on custom thumb screw options, or contact Ondrives.US to discuss your design requirements. See below for customizable options.

Standard Thumb Screw Options

Ondrives.US offers a wide variety of standard thumb screws, including plain head thumb screwshex socket head thumb screws, and plastic head thumb screws. If a standard thumb screw does not meet your application requirements, we also offer custom thumb screws uniquely designed to match your specifications.

Custom Build to Print Thumb Screws Designed to Your Specifications

At Ondrives.US, our unique expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom thumb screws tailored to your needs. Once you specify the size, style, material of construction, and other required features, our build-to-print custom manufacturing capabilities can produce custom thumb screws based on your application specifications.

Thumb Screw Applications

Standard and custom thumb screws are fully threaded and are typically used for non-permanent applications. These applications often include:
  • Electronic device safety covers
  • Machine and equipment service panels
  • Battery and electronic device compartments

Thumb Screw Advantages

Some of the benefits of utilizing custom thumb screws for your application include:
  • Highly effective in tight environments
  • Cost-friendly
  • Strip-resistant
  • Various material options

The Ondrives.US Advantage

Why choose Ondrives.US for your custom thumb screw needs? Our standard and custom thumb screws are manufactured to your application needs in a broad range of sizes and material options. Additional benefits include:
  • Inch and metric size options
  • Specify plain head, hex socket head, or plastic head (round or rosette)
  • Specify thread size: 4-40 to 3/8-16 threads available
  • Plain head and hex socket head thumb screws available with 303 stainless steel or 416 stainless steel shafts
  • Plastic head thumb screws available with stainless steel or alloy steel shafts
  • Available with thread locking via nylon pellet, nylon strip, or patch
  • Stringently exacted tolerance adherence

Additional Fastener Options

We also offer custom shoulder screwscustom-tipped screws, and a large inventory of standard thumb screws and other fasteners.

Order Custom Thumb Screws Today

Ondrives.US is a preferred and trusted manufacturer of standard and custom thumb screw fasteners. Contact us for more information regarding our premium thumb screw options, or request a quote today.