Low Profile Bevel Gearboxes

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Ondrives.US designs, engineers, and manufactures the best, most dependable gearboxes on the market. Our BG family of 1:1 right angle gearboxes are uniquely rated so users can balance torque to RPM to operating life. Manufactured from top quality materials and built for years of reliable service, these high RPM gearboxes deliver exceptional performance in tough working conditions.

Order a BG series right angle 1:1 gearbox for your application, request a quote, or contact Ondrives.US for more information.

Custom 1:1 gearboxes are also available.

For full high RPM gearbox specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual product listings.


The Right Gearbox for Your Needs

Ondrives.US’ BG16, BG19, BG24, and BG31 gearboxes are designed for use in a broad range of applications. All models are manufactured with a 1:1 gear ratio, stainless steel shafts, and anodized aluminum housings for superior performance and durability. These 1:1 right angle gearboxes feature multiple torque ratings to fit your needs, and provide torque from 2 inch-ounces to 32 inch-pounds (torque ratings vary by model).

Our BG series 1:1 gearboxes are rated for high speed performance up to 3,000 RPMs, with only 1° backlash (with an option for 1/2°). With an operating temperature range from -5°F (-20°C) to 175°F (79°C) and permanent lubrication, these high RPM gearboxes will deliver continuous high performance in even the most extreme environments.

The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Low cost 1:1 right angle gearbox
  • Application rated for optimum operation and cost
  • Designed for a perfect balance of torque/RPM/operating life
  • Multiple torque ratings from 2 inch-ounces to 32 inch-pounds
  • Minimal backlash (1° or less)
  • Stainless steel shafts for outstanding durability
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Four precision ABEC ball bearings
  • Up to 3,000 RPM
  • Operating range: -5°F (-20°C) to 175°F (79°C); -40°F grease optional
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Right angle gearboxes for sale are made in the USA
  • Ondrives.US' high speed gearboxes feature a exclusive 24 month warranty

Ondrives.US quality surpasses the competition! Order the gearboxes you need, request a quote, or contact us for more information.

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