Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Precision Ball Bearings

Ball bearings reduce rotational friction and load stress that cause premature wear in mechanical components. Using superior quality ball bearings and thrust bearings is critical to meeting high-speed and high-precision application performance requirements.
Ondrives.US designs, engineers, and manufactures precision mechanical components for demanding applications. Our high-quality ball bearings are made to precise tolerances and come in heat-treated steel or stainless steel.
  • Plain and Flanged Radial Ball Bearings: Use these ball bearings inside motors, gears, pulleys, and other drive components requiring smooth operation at high rotational speeds.
  • Thrust Bearing Sets: These bearings spin freely when pressure is applied to both sides of the bearing, making them ideal for applications where you have an axial load pushing down the shaft.
We stock inch and metric radial ball bearings and thrust bearings in standard sizes and offer customization for unique applications.

High-Quality Ball Bearings, Washers, & Ball Retainers

Ondrives.US offers ball bearings and thrust washers from steel and stainless steel for durability and long-lasting performance. We stock radial ball bearings and thrust bearing components and sets to meet your requirements.  

Radial Ball Bearings

Select from plain type and flanged radial ball bearings with an open or double shielded design. Our flanged models have a larger diameter on one end to prevent the bearing from passing through the hole after insertion.  Double shielded styles are designed to keep grease contained and protect the bearings from dirt and grime.  Steel and stainless-steel options available.

Inch & Metric Thrust Bearing Sets

Thrust bearings feature two washers with a set of balls secured by a nylon retainer.  Select from carbon steel and or stainless-steel styles in a broad range of sizes and load ratings.

Inch & Metric Thrust Washers

We offer carbon steel and stainless-steel thrust washers in a broad range of inch and metric sizes. All washers are machined to tight tolerances and heat treated for additional hardness.

Nylon Ball Retainers

Designed for use with thrust washers, nylon ball retainers are lightweight, feature natural lubricity, and are suitable for continuous use up to 250° F. Select from carbon steel or stainless-steel balls in inch and metric diameters.
Set or adjust pre-load on your radial ball bearings with our inner race or outer race shims and shaft collars, available from stock in inch or metric sizes.

Inch & Metric Ball Bearings and Thrust Bearings

Ondrives.US designs and engineers its mechanical components for precision and performance. We stand behind our quality and have the expertise to help you solve application challenges. Submit your quote request today or contact us to discuss your custom specifications.