Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Grooved Shafts

Grooved shafts feature machined grooves that are specially designed to accommodate retaining rings. These grooved shafts feature two grooves at one end that are spaced to fit common ball bearing widths. The opposite end of retaining ring shafts features multiple grooves, allowing users to position components as their application requires. Our GSR Series retaining ring shafts are manufactured from top-quality 303 stainless steel for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Available in standard diameters from 1/4” to 1” and standard lengths from 3” to 12”. Order retaining ring grooved shafts for your application, or contact us to learn more. 


GSR Series Grooved Shafts

Retaining ring shafts align mechanical parts and are used as a drive shaft or axle in power transmission applications. The grooves allow for various shaft positions, providing a flexible solution for your mechanical needs. Suitable shafts are ideal for prototypes and widely used in industrial automation machinery such as motors, gearboxes, and other drive components.
We also offer retaining rings for shafts that install into the grooves of a grooved shaft to hold components and assemblies in place. Our retainer rings are made from PH15-7 stainless steel and are available for shaft diameters from 1/4” to 1”. Shim spacers are also available in 1/64” thickness and feature 18-8 stainless steel construction.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Grooved Shafts

Ondrives.US manufactures stainless steel grooved shafts and retaining rings for shafts in several diameters. All our shafts and other drive components are designed for quality and performance. Select from in-stock grooved shafts or ask us about custom and modified products. Features include:
  • Precision ground to ±0.0002” or better
  • Standard diameters from 1/4” to 1”
  • Standard lengths from 3” to 12”
Completely custom grooved shafts are available upon request. Contact our application engineers to discuss your custom requirement. Our inventory also includes shaft adaptors to reduce bore diameters to the required size.

Learn More About Our Grooved Shafts and Other Drive Components

We manufacture retaining ring shafts and other components designed to handle the demands of high-performance applications. Our other shaft solutions include linear shafts, precision ground stock, and more. Order the grooved shafts you need, or contact us for more information.