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Linear Shaft Supports

Conventional shaft support blocks must be dismounted to service shafts and bearings, which upsets the critical parallel shaft alignment. They also require extra clearance on both ends to allow for the insertion of shafts. These qualities make it harder to use the shaft supports in tight spaces and causes loss of alignment whenever the shafts, bearings, or other components need maintenance.
Ondrives.US developed Easy-Access™ Linear Shaft Support Blocks to provide a solution to these issues. Our shaft support blocks feature removable tops that allow shaft and bearing service without disturbing the base alignment of the support. This design makes it easier to install shafts and eliminates wasted time in realigning the critical parallel position of the shafts.

Read our White Paper on linear shaft support blocks to learn more about the advantages of removing top supports.

Standard Height and Low-Profile Shaft Support Blocks

Shaft supports are machine components that position the shafts on which linear bushings or bearings slide. The shafts are typically installed in pairs and, when used with bearings or bushings, allow a carriage or table to slide back and forth. The shafts must be aligned parallel to each other, or the carriage will not operate smoothly.

We provide standard and low-profile shaft supports in inch or metric sizes. These precision-machined aluminum linear bearing blocks are 50% lighter than conventional cast-iron shaft supports. Our top-loading Easy-Access™ Linear Shaft Supports have an anodized finish for corrosion protection and appearance.
Low Profile linear bearing blocks have the lowest base to shaft height available. Standard Height shaft supports have the same footprint and shaft to base height as industry standard conventional linear bearing block supports. 
Ondrives.US also offers Custom linear shaft supports or modification to standard supports for applications with unique bore and shaft sizing requirements.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Unique products shipped from stock

  • Remove shafts without upsetting base alignment
  • Maintain alignment while servicing shafts and bearings
  • Customize easily
  • Parallel and perpendicular surfaces for easy alignment
  • Ondrives.US shaft end support blocks are 50% lighter than conventional cast-iron supports
  • Custom shaft supports available

Order Linear Shaft Support Blocks in Inch or Metric Sizes

Ondrives.US manufactures precision drive components for applications ranging from instrumentation to automation. We have shaft support blocks and Precision Ground Shafts available from stock and offer custom or modified shaft supports to accommodate unique applications.
Request a quote for linear bearing shaft supports or contact our engineers to discuss your custom requirements.