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For P Series Worm Box

These single-sided (P-X Series) and double-sided (P-DX Series) P series gearbox output shafts are specially designed for use with P and PF type worm gear reducers. All P-X and P-DX Series gearbox output shafts are supplied with steel keys and retainer rings for reliable installation. We offer our gearbox output shafts in a range of standard diameters and lengths to fit your application. Custom gearbox shafts are also available to meet your exact specifications. Ondrives.US quality surpasses the competition! Contact Ondrives.US to discuss your custom requirements. 


P-X & P-DX Series

These instrument quality, precision ground worm gear shafts are manufactured from 303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.

The Ondrives.US Advantage:

  • Specially engineered worm gear shaft for use with worm wheel gear reducers
  • Single (P-X) and double (P-DX) sided gearbox output shafts
  • Precision ground to ± 0.0002” or better
  • 303 stainless steel construction
  • Specialty materials available upon request
  • Supplied with steel keys and retainer rings
  • Diameters from 6mm to 25mm
  • Can be customized with grooves, journals, flats, drilled/threaded/tapped holes, chamfers, etc.
  • Custom gearbox shafts are available upon request. Contact our application engineers to discuss your custom requirement