Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Ball Bearing Shims & Shaft Collars

Pre-loading improves ball bearing performance and reduces the chance of premature wear by preventing wobbling and slipping. Designed for applications where you need to set or adjust pre-load on your bearing races, inner race and outer race bearing shims help your ball bearings operate smoothly.
Ball bearing shims and shaft collars from Ondrives.US are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and high-strength anodized aluminum for exceptional wear resistance. The tight width tolerances create a precise fit for high-speed applications.
  • Inner & Outer Race Shims: These round shims pre-load bearings by pressing snuggly against the inner or outer race and pushing them in opposite directions. Use inner race shims and outer race shims to set and adjust the spacing between bearings and other shaft components.
  • Ball Bearing Shaft Collars: Standard straight-sided shaft collars contact the inner and outer bearing race at the same time, restricting smooth rotation. Ball Bearing shaft collars from Ondrive.US have a built-in inner race journal to preload inner races without interference for improved wear and operation.
Ondrives.US stock a range of inch and metric sizes and specializes in modified and custom bearing shims and shaft collars. Find a stock option below to request a quote or contact our application engineers to discuss your requirements.

Improve Mechanical Performance with Load Bearing Shims and Shaft Collars

Mount your bearings and shaft components with bearing shims and shaft collars designed for demanding mechanical applications. Select from standard diameters and bore sizes in inch or metric options.

Inner Race Shims & Outer Race Shims

Our ball bearing race shims have a single piece construction and come in stainless steel or anodized aluminum. Select from inner our outer shaft spacers in hundreds of standard widths and bore diameters. Metric sizes are available upon request. 

Ball Bearing Shaft Collars

Stainless steel construction with a clear passivate finish provides corrosion resistance. Shaft collars feature an integral inner race spacer for preloading a ball bearing. A set screw and a pre-drill spot hole at 90 degrees provide temporary or permanent fastening to a shaft. We carry stock inch and metric sizes.
We also stock inch and metric bearings, including radial ball bearings and thrust bearing sets in steel and stainless steel.

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Ondrives.US stands behind its reputation for quality and performance. We have all the precision mechanical components you need, from round bearing shims and shaft collars to shaft clamps and feather keys. Select from our stock sizes to request a quote or contact us to ask about custom and modified parts.