Bearing and Shaft Shims

Made in USA

Made in USA


Ball bearings consist of an Inner Race and an Outer Race that capture a set of balls and together make a very low friction bearing. Preloading of the ball bearing requires opposite axial forces to be exerted on the inner race and the outer race. This action brings the set of balls into optimum contact with both races.  

Ondrives.US makes Inner Race Shims and Outer Race Shims that are dimensioned to contact either the inner or outer race of standard ball bearings.

Ball Bearing Shaft Collars have an integral inner race spacer on one side of the collar to for positioning and preload of ball bearings on shafts.

The Ondrives.US Advantage:          Precision shims from stock

  • Shim thickness from .002 ±.0005 to .500 ±.002
  • Inside diameters from .079” to 1.120”
  • Outside diameters from .153” to .937”
  • Stainless and aluminum round shim washers available
  • Inch and Metric round shims available
  • Use to preload ball bearings
  • Use as shaft spacers
  • Use on shoulder screws

Ondrives.US Precision Ground Shafts are available from stock.