Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Standard & Custom Spur Gear Racks

A Gear Rack or Rack Gear consists of spur or helical gear teeth cut on a linear rectangular or round rod. Both round and linear gear racks can be described as a sector gear with an infinitely large radius of curvature. Rack gears provide an advantage over ball screws because they have a sizeable load-carrying capability and a simple design that allows linking multiple racks to meet your required length.

At Ondrives.US, our engineers are well-versed in the design and application of precision helical gear racks and can assist you in selecting or customizing metal gear racks for your application. We also build a range of Rack and Pinion Actuator gearboxes.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: We know rack gears!

We have 30-plus years of experience in manufacturing rack gears for Instrumentation, Servo Drives, Encoders, or Power Transmission. All our precision gears and components are made with the highest level of precision to deliver the reliable performance you need for your motion control applications.
  • Machined to AGMA 8 or 10 quality
  • 416 stainless steel relieved
  • 20-degree pressure angle
  • Rectangular or round rack gear styles available
  • Inch or Metric gear racks
  • Custom gear racks made in almost any material

Gear Rack Options

Ondrives.US’ spur gear racks are available in rectangular and round cross-section gear rack designs in various precision pitches. All our inch and metric gear racks have machined ends for applications requiring mounting multiple gear racks in a series.

Custom Spur Gear Racks Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications 

At Ondrives.US, we can assist with designs, modifications, prototypes, and the complete production of custom drive components and gears for any application. If your project specifications require custom mechanical components, our engineering team can produce parts and components that match your drawings and meet your performance needs.

Experience Spur Gear Racks by Ondrives.US Today

Looking for a standard or custom precision spur gear rack that meets your performance needs? Ondrives.US manufactures stainless steel gear racks in a wide range of standard sizes and offers customization for non-standard applications. Request a quote for the spur gear racks that meet your requirements, or contact us to discuss your custom precision component needs.