Spur Gear Racks

  • Spur Gear Racks

A Gear Rack or Rack Gear consists of spur gear teeth or helical gear teeth cut on a linear rectangular or round rod. Both round gear racks and linear gear racks can be described as a sector gear with an infinitely large radius of curvature.

The most obvious use of a gear rack is to convert the rotary motion of a pinion gear into linear motion or vise versa. Ondrives.US engineers are well versed in the design and application of gear racks.

Ondrives.US gear rack manufacturers make a range of Gear Racks that mate with our spur gears. We carry both rectangular and round cross section gear rack designs in a
range of precision pitches.

Contact us for assistance in selecting or customizing metal gear racks for your application.

Ondrives.US also builds a range of Rack and Pinion Actuator gearboxes.


The Ondrives.US Advantage: We know rack gears!

  • Rack gears for Instrumentation, Servo Drives, Encoders or Power Transmission
  • Inch or Metric rack gears
  • 30 plus years of experience in manufacturing gears
  • Custom gear racks made in almost any material
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