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Custom Gears

Custom gears are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a specific power transmission application. They can be manufactured from metal or plastic and include styles such as spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, Miter gears, and worm gears. When creating a custom gear design, it is important to select the correct pitch, pressure angle, face width, number of teeth and material. These features control the center distance to the mating gear, the weight, strength and longevity of the drive system.  
Ondrives.US has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing gearsgearboxes, and other motion transfer components for decades. If none of our standard gear options are right for your application, we can produce custom gears that meet your specifications. We can work from your part prints, or work with you to develop a custom gear design that delivers the performance you need.

Benefits of Working with A Custom Gear Manufacturer

There are times when power transmission requirements cannot be met by stock gears and components. Perhaps you have an older piece of equipment with obsolete parts or custom-built machinery that requires special components.  Or you have equipment or machinery that is not performing as needed despite using the appropriate size gears. In all these cases, you need a custom gear design that will allow your power transmission equipment to operate reliably and at its maximum potential.
Working with a custom gear manufacturer means you get a product that meets your exact requirements for power, speed, and torque. You don’t have to worry about limited options for tooth form, pitch, angle, hub shape, and size, or material. Custom gears give you the flexibility to achieve unique center-to-center distances and customize the angles, face width, tooth width, and hub size to increase performance. Depending on the complexity of your design and the size of the production run, custom gears can also save time and money over trying to modify stock parts.
Request a quote on the custom gears you need, or contact us to discuss your custom specifications.

Custom Gears Designed to Your Specifications

If your application requires specialized, hard-to-find, or completely custom gears, make Ondrives.US your first call. Our team of experienced engineers takes your custom gear design and turns it into high quality, high-performance parts that meet or exceed your expectations.
We can produce custom metal gears with almost any pitch, pressure angle, and tooth form. Your custom gears can also be manufactured from nearly any machinable material and in any diameter you may require. Our engineers will work closely with you to asses your custom gear design needs and help you determine which options are best for our application.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Custom Gear DesignCustom Helical Spur Gear

  • Inch or metric gears
  • 50 plus years of experience in manufacturing custom gears
  • Gears for instrumentation, servo drives, encoders, power transmission, etc.
  • Custom manufactured gears in small or large quantities
  • Any machinable metal or plastic

Learn More About Our Custom Gear Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide custom gear design services for any power transmission application. Mount your custom gears on an Ondrives.US precision ground shaft, available from stock. Request a quote today or contact Ondrives.US to get started on your custom gears project.

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