Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Adjustable Pneumatic Clutches

Pneumatic clutches from Ondrives.US come in several mounting options to connect two driven shafts or a single shaft to a gear, pulley, or sprocket. Overload protection allows the motor to spin without damage if a driver gets stuck. “Soft start” reduces shock to the mechanical system and is ideal for applications where you need slip at the end of stroke. All models feature set screw fastening, unless otherwise indicated. Select from adjustable slip clutches with inch and metric bore sizes and max drag torque up to 300 in-lb. If your application has unique requirements, ask about options for modified or custom friction clutches.

High-Precision Friction Clutches with Adjustable Torque Settings

Adjustable pneumatic clutches are designed to control torque for intermittent, continuous, or overload slip. The design allows shafts to spin in unison or at different speeds. This style of friction clutch also works as a drag break. Torque is adjusted by air pressure to meet your specific transmission requirements.
Use adjustable friction clutches for indexing, tension or force control, torque control, and positioning or breaking. Their rugged design and versatility enable use in a broad range of demanding industrial, machining, and automation applications.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Adjustable Slip Clutches

Our adjustable pneumatic clutches are engineered for quality and precision. Achieve the tension and torque control you need while protecting your mechanical system from stress and overload. From robotics equipment to heavy machinery, our clutches are made to perform.
Advantages of choosing slip clutches from Ondrrives.US include:
  • Adjustable torque by air pressure
  • Shaft-to-shaft or pulley style
  • Long-life friction material
  • Soft springs maintain pressure for constant torque
  • Multiple clutch mounting options
  • Modified and custom slip clutches available

Find Your Ideal Solution Online or Request a Custom Friction Clutch

Our line of friction clutches includes in-stock adjustable and fixed torque models in the bore size and torque you need. For applications with misalignment issues, we also offer in-stock and custom shaft couplings  to help you achieve smoother power transmission. Submit a quote request for the pneumatic clutches that meet your requirements or contact our engineers to discuss your application.