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Socket Head Shoulder Screws

Precision shoulder bolts have tight dimensional tolerances and are typically manufactured from 303 or 416 stainless steel. Other standard materials include hardened alloy steel, mild steel, brass, and even plastics. Socket head shoulder screws install using a hex wrench to provide maximum wrenching strength and ensure a secure attachment. Ondrives.US provides socket head shoulder screws in inch and metric sizes. Select from materials including martensitic 416 stainless steel and austenitic 303 stainless steel. We offer volume discounts for order quantities of 25 or more.  Need a custom or modified precision shoulder screw? Contact our engineers to discuss your requirements.


Selecting Hex Socket Shoulder Screws for Your Application

416 stainless steel is magnetic and heat-treated to increase its hardness and tensile strength. 303 stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance for use in severe environments and has slightly lower tensile strength. Other considerations in selecting a precision shoulder screw include:
  • Head diameter
  • Head height
  • Shank length and diameter
  • Thread length
  • Thread gauge

Hex Socket Head Shoulder Screws for Mounting Rotary and Linear Components

The unique design of hex socket head shoulder screws allows them to serve as a shaft or pivot in rotating components, including bearings, levers, bushings, gears, pulleys and more. Hex head shoulder screws can also be used as a stationary linear guide for guiding and aligning parts and components.
Shoulder bolts are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, including: 
  • Mounting gears, pulleys, sprockets, bearings, and other components
  • Assembling medical and orthopedic equipment
  • Acting as a linear slide to align punches and molds
  • Building custom Cam Followers
  • Installing printer heads and other electronic components

Precision Shoulder Screws for Strong and Reliable Fastening

Ondrives.US offers shoulder bolts that feature thread locking via nylon pellet or strip and provide optional head seals using a special coating or O-ring. Thread-locking hex socket shoulder bolts provide a more secure fit and are ideal for mechanical applications requiring higher precision.
Hex socket head shoulder screws, also known as shoulder bolts, have a hex-shaped socket in a round head, an unthreaded shoulder and a threaded tip. When attached to a stripper plate, these fasteners are also referred to as stripper bolts. The unthreaded portion of the shoulder screw serves as a spacer and bearing surface that allows use with close-fitting rotating parts in engines and machinery, and as linear guides in punch-and-die or injection molding sets.

Request A Quote for Socket Head Shoulder Screws

Ondrives.US provides hex socket head shoulder screws, hexalobular head shoulder screws, and other precision fasteners that are designed to meet the requirements of precision machining and other demanding applications. Request a quote for your shoulder bolts today or contact us to discuss your custom requirements.