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Axial Thrust Capable, Adjustable Friction Clutches

Slip clutches from Ondrives.US feature a shaft-to-shaft design and have an adjustable torque capacity up to 100 in-lb. Our clutches drive in both directions and slip when the torque setting is reached and are ideal for “soft starts” and slip at the end of stroke. Select from a variety of models with inch or metric bores and set screw fastening. We also provide modified or custom axial thrust capable slip clutches for applications with unique sizing or torque requirements.

Achieve Precise Torque with Axial Thrust Capable Slip Clutches

Axial thrust capable friction clutches provide torque control for driving, capping and other applications where axial thrust loads are applied. An integrated ball bearing allows axial thrust loads up to 650 pounds.
These adjustable clutches control torque for intermittent, continuous or overload slip and provide protection against intentional and accidental overloads. Adjustable friction clutches also work well as continuous drag brakes by maintaining tension on winding applications.
Examples of typical uses for slip clutches include beverage bottling and other automated applications where you need to drive items such as bottle caps or screws with exact torque and precision.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Axial Thrust Friction Clutches

Achieve precision and control with our axial thrust capable slip clutches. We design and engineer our clutches to handle demanding applications while providing the overload protection and slip you need. The adjustable torque lets you customize the settings to fit your exact requirements.
Advantages of our adjustable friction clutches include: 
  • Adjustable torque setting
  • Long-life friction material
  • Soft springs maintain pressure to assure constant torque
  • Shaft-to-shaft or component mount friction clutches
  • Max drag torque: 100.0 in-lb.
  • Custom and modified axial thrust capable clutches upon request

Request a Quote for Adjustable Slip Clutches

Ondrives.US stocks friction clutches in adjustable and fixed torque models Select from our standard options or request customization to fit your application. We also offer in-stock and custom shaft couplings  to help you achieve smoother power transmission in applications with shaft misalignment. Request a quote for the slip clutches that meet your requirements or contact our engineers to discuss your requirements.