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Miniature Worm Gear Reducers

Precision Worm Gear Reducers

We offer PR Series precision miniature worm gear reducers in a variety of gear ratios and multiple configurations, including our PREM6 models, which are fitted with DC mini worm gear motors. These small gear reduction boxes feature anodized aluminum housings and hardened steel shafts, worms, wheels, and bearings for outstanding durability in even the most demanding conditions. These miniature reduction gearboxes provide an output shaft at 90° to the input shaft. Standard versions of our PR worm gear reducers feature right-hand threading; left-hand threaded is available upon request.

For full mini worm gear reducer specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual mini gearbox listingsOndrives.US PR Series miniature worm gear reducers can be customized to your unique specifications. Contact our applications engineers to discuss your performance needs. 


The Ondrives.US Advantage:

Ondrives.US is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance gear reducers. Our PR Series miniature worm gear reducers are built with top-quality materials and superior craftsmanship for reliable performance in a wide range of applications.
  • High-efficiency small gear reduction boxes (up to 82% at 1,000 RPM)
  • Low backlash (as little as ≈2°)
  • Gear ratios from 1:1 to 32:1 available
  • Max. operating speed: 4,000 RPM
  • PREM6 models are fitted with 2-pole permanent magnet DC motors
  • The output shaft is 90° adjacent to the input shaft
  • Right-hand threads standard; left-hand threading available, as needed
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Solid aluminum housings
  • Ball bearings on input & output shafts
  • Optional ingress protection to IP65 or higher
Order the small gear reduction box your application requires, request a quote, or contact us for more information.