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Star Socket Shoulder Screw

Star socket head (Torx compatible) shoulder screws have a cylindrical head with a recessed six-pointed, star-shaped socket drive and an integral shoulder between the head and thread. The head is the largest diameter of the recessed star socket shoulder screws, followed by the shoulder and thread.  Only the thread of a star socket screw is embedded, allowing the shoulder to extend beyond the part surface and create a journal. This unique design allows for rotational or axial motion of the component that is mounted on the screw, making these screws an excellent choice for mounting gears, bushings, pulleys, and other rotating parts.
The shape of a star screw drive allows for high torque exertion and prevents “cam out” that can damage or break the screw head and tooltip.  The ability to achieve higher torque also means a smaller fasteners head can be used in applications where space is limited.
Download our product specifications PDF to view complete sizing information for our in-stock recessed star head shoulder screws.

Star Socket Screws for High Torque Tightening Applications

Star socket head screws are highly versatile and used by industries ranging from aerospace to consumer goods. In addition to mounting rotating parts, they can be used as linear slides for aligning die and mold halves in punch-and-die or injection molding applications.
Star socket screws from Ondrives.US are Torx® compatible and available in 303 stainless steel. This austenitic material is cold-drawn and widely used in the manufacturing of precision fasteners. It provides Rockwell B83 hardness, and good corrosion resistance and tensile strength.
Our recessed star screws are precision grade and have a tighter shoulder diameter and shoulder-length tolerance than commercial shoulder screws. We offer a broad range of standard, in-stock sizes to give you more flexibility in finding the right star head socket screw for your precision application. We also provide custom sizes and materials upon request.

Selecting the Right Recessed Star Head Shoulder Screw Size

View our product specifications PDF to see a full listing of our in-stock recessed star screw sizes. All sizes are listed in inches and specified by head diameter and height, shoulder-length and diameter, thread length and type, and star drive size. Custom sizes are also available upon request.
Measurements are as follows:
  • Head Height: measured from the top to bottom of the screw head
  • Shoulder Length: measured from under the screw head to the bottom of the shoulder
  • Thread Length: measured from under the shoulder to the tip of the thread
Shoulder length and diameter are important factors in selecting a Torx® compatible head screw, as this is the portion that creates the journal.  The shoulder must be the appropriate size for secure mounting and to allow proper rotation or alignment.  Our Shoulder Screw Buyers Guide provides additional information about selecting the right hexalobular star socket screw for various rotational and sliding applications.

Request a Quote for Star Socket Head Shoulder Screws

Ondrives.US offers star head drive screws and hex socket and slotted head precision shoulder screws in standard and custom sizes. Request a quote for the Torx® screws that meet your requirements or for information about custom and modified fasteners.