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Shaft to Shaft Molded Glass Filled Housing, Speed Reduction Gearbox

Ondrives.US is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of worm and wheel gearboxes. Our K40S Series and K50S Series worm gear reducers are assembled in a molded glass filled polyster housing and deliver superior performance in an economic package. Order the Ondrives.US K40 Series or K50 Series economic worm gearboxes your project requires, request a quote, or contact us for more information.

Precision Worm Wheel Gear Reducers

Ondrives.US offers worm and wheel gear reducers in a variety of ratios and configurations to meet your unique requirements. These economic worm gear reduction boxes are manufactured from top quality materials and engineered for high performance in demanding applications.


Custom Shaft-to-Shaft Molded Glass Filled Housing Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications

At Ondrives.US, we can assist with designs, modifications, prototypes, and complete production of custom drive components and gears for any application. If your project specifications require custom mechanical components, our engineering team can produce parts and components that match your drawings and meet your performance needs.