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Knurled Plain Head Thumb Screws

The durable and corrosion-resistant construction of knurled stainless-steel thumb screws makes them suitable for indoor, outdoor and heavy-duty applications. Ondrives.US carries thumb screws in 303 stainless steel and 416 stainless steel to provide you with a durable, corrosion-resistant solution for your precision fastening requirements. Plain knurled head screws are available in thread lengths up to 2 inches, head diameters up to 1 inch, and head heights up to 1/2 inch. Thread sizes range from #4-40 to #1/4-20. Download the product specfications PDF to see a complete listing of material and size options. 


Knurled Plain Head Stainless Steel Thumb Screws

Knurled Plain Head Thumb Screws are used to fasten safety covers on electronics and other devices and are installed by twisting the fastener into predrilled tapped holes. They feature a shoulderless stainless steel threaded body and a knurled flat or hex socket head. They are highly versatile and can be installed with or without a washer, depending on the application. Using a washer provides a stronger hold that keeps the SS thumb screw in place, even if vibration causes the screw or bolt to loosen.

Plain knurled head thumb screws have a flat head with no shoulder and are tightened by hand. Knurled head hex socket screws have a taller diamond knurled head with a hex socket for tightening by hand or with a hex wrench for increased torque.

Some of the common uses for knurled head fasteners include:

  • Equipment covers

  • Electronic devices

  • Communications equipment

  • Lighting

  • Machinery

  • And more

Selection Criteria for Stainless Steel Thumb Screws

Both fastener styles are easy to tighten and loosen, making them ideal for applications requiring frequent fastener removal and reinstallation. The decision between a flat or hex socket head screw depends on preference and your application requirements.

Plain head stainless steel thumb screws have a flat surface and low profile that is less likely to catch on clothing or moving components. Hex socket head thumb screws have a raised head that makes them easier to grip and they can be fastened tighter than a plain head thumb screw.

 Dimensions are also an important consideration to ensure a tight fit and secure hold. Size considerations for selecting a shoulderless thumbscrew fastener include:

  • Head diameter

  • Head height

  • Thread

  • Thread length

  • Hex width (hex socket head thumbscrews only

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We offer knurled head stainless steel thumb screws and plastic head thumb screws in several standard sizes. If you require a custom or modified product, please contact us with your specifications.