Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Small Gearboxes

Using miniature gears, Ondrives.US has designed and built unique, high-precision small gearboxes that cannot be found anywhere else (view catalog). Our small gearboxes are available in numerous configurations, including worm and wheel, cross-axis helicalbevel, and more. We can also provide custom micro gearboxes designed and built to meet your unique specifications.

All standard and custom OEM micro gearboxes are manufactured with a highly compact footprint. They provide an ideal option for high-precision applications that require optimal performance in a size that fits specification requirements. Contact us for the small gearbox your application needs, or request a quote on custom micro gearboxes.

Micro Gearbox Options

Gearboxes are also known as reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, gear drives, and gearmotors. All terms can be used interchangeably. Please note that the links for our small gear drives include information on the full range of frame sizes for that series or style.

Bevel Box Micro Gear Drive

Our bevel box miniature gear drives are application-rated for the optimum balance of performance and cost. Torque can be balanced to meet your RPM and operating life requirements. Lightweight with low backlash performance (as little as ½ degree).
  • Output torque: up to 7 oz.-inches
  • Low backlash: ≈1°, option of 1/2”
  • Rated for input speeds up to 2,000 RPM
  • Temperature range: -5° to 175°F (-20° to 79°C); optional to -40°F (-40°C)

Cross Axis Helical Micro Gearboxes

Ondrives.US’ small cross-axis helical gearboxes provide relatively high amounts of thrust in a compact package. They deliver an output shaft at 90° from the input and are available in gear ratios from 1:1 to 40:1. Lightweight but durable, with machined aluminum housings and hardened alloy steel gears.
  • High efficiency: up to 88% at 1,000 RPM
  • Low backlash: as low as ≤30 arc minutes
  • Rated for input speeds up to 4,000 RPM
  • “Left hand” models available

2 Shaft Small Worm Gearboxes

Our miniature 2 shaft worm gearmotors are engineered for ≤30 arc minutes of backlash or better. Also called “shaft to bore gearboxes,” these devices provide a single input shaft that protrudes from opposite sides of the housing; output is a keyed bore. Standard single- and double-end shafts are available and supplied with keys and retainer rings. An array of gear ratios and input sizes are available to meet your needs.
  • High efficiency: up to 86% at 1,000 RPM
  • Low backlash: ≤30 arc minutes or better
  • Available in ratios from 5:1 to 120:1
  • Rated for input speeds up to 3,000 RPM

4 Shaft Small Worm Gearboxes

Every micro 4-shaft worm gearbox from Ondrives.US features precision-machined hardened steel gears, solid aluminum housings, and permanent lubrication. They provide two input shafts on opposite sides of the frame, with two output shafts perpendicular to the input shafts. Our small 4 shaft worm gear drives deliver high-efficiency performance with low backlash.
  • High efficiency: up to 82% at 1,000 RPM
  • Low backlash: as little as ≈2°
  • Available with gear ratios from 1:1 to 32:1
  • Rated for input speeds up to 4,000 RPM

Flange Small Worm Gear Drive

These micro flange worm gearboxes produce an output at 90° from the input. They deliver superior performance in various applications and are built with small footprints, making them ideal for operations where space is limited. They offer high efficiency with low backlash.
  • Gear ratios from 6.66:1 to 80:1
  • High efficiency: up to 83% at 1,000 RPM
  • Low backlash: as low as ≤4°
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 PRM
  • DC motor option available

Mini Inline Spur Gearboxes

Specially engineered for encoder applications, Ondrives.US’ micro inline spur gear drives are available in two frame sizes and are rated for speeds up to 3,000 RPM. The mini inline spur gearboxes’ aluminum housing and stainless steel gears and shafts enhance toughness and corrosion resistance for your most demanding applications.
  • Output torque: up to 125 oz.-inches
  • Low backlash: as little as 15 arc minutes
  • Available with gear ratios from 4.96:1 to 3600:1
  • Optional synchro cleats are available

Compact Worm Wheel Gearboxes

These miniature right angle worm gear reducers deliver superior performance with high efficiency and feature rugged construction for challenging power transfer operations. Available in three gear ratios (5:1, 10:1, 20:1), our compact worm gearboxes are built in extremely compact footprints for applications where space is limited.
  • 90° output angle
  • Gear ratios: 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1
  • Up to 12.5 inch-lbs. of output torque
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Compact footprint: 1.5” x 1.5” x 1.08

Custom Miniature Gearboxes

Ondrives.US can engineer and manufacture a custom miniature gearbox to meet your unique specifications. We can produce custom micro gearboxes in any configuration your application requires, with output torque levels as high as 900Nm. We can work from your gearbox designs, reverse engineer an existing unit, or help you develop an all-new design that delivers the performance you need. Request a quote on a custom miniature gearbox, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

The Ondrives.US Advantage: Small is No Big Problem

  • Broadest selection of small gear reducers
  • Greased for life
  • Ruggedly built
  • Modifications and special ratios are available
  • Custom small gearboxes made to suit

Input & Output Shafts

Input and output shafts with drive key and retainer rings can be supplied to your specifications for any of our hollow bore miniature gearboxes. We offer a basic selection of single or double-ended shafts to assemble in these gearboxes. All gearbox shafts are supplied with keys and retainer rings. We offer a broad selection of misalignment shaft couplings in inch and metric bore sizes. Inch and metric precision ground shafts are available from stock.

Contact Us for High Performance Miniature Gearboxes

We are the miniature gearbox experts. Our micro gear drive models deliver superior performance in a compact footprint and are rugged enough for challenging work environments. Contact us to learn more about our mini gearboxes or request a quote on a custom model that is tailored to your needs.
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