Slotted Head Shoulder Screws

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Slotted head shoulder screws, also known as slotted shoulder screws, are a type of machine screw that features a slotted round head and an unthreaded cylindrical shoulder with a threaded tip. Slotted head shoulder screws are typically made from stainless steel. They are installed using a flat-bladed screwdriver and are best suited for use with handheld tools and applications where little installation torque is needed.
Once installed, the shoulder of a slotted shoulder screw sits above the material surface and serves as an axis, making them ideal for rotating applications and linear guiding.

Slotted Shoulder Screws for Precision Fastening Applications

Slotted head shoulder screws from Ondrives.US have tight dimensional tolerances. They are used for a range of applications in medical, marine, aerospace, office equipment, military, instrumentation and many.
Our material options for slotted screws include 303 stainless steel in Rockwell B83 or 416 stainless steel in Rockwell C26-32 hardness. Stainless 303 provides excellent corrosion resistance for use in marine applications or other harsh environments. 416 stainless steel is heat treated for increased hardness and provides higher tensile strength.
View the product links below to learn more or use the filtering tool to find a slotted head shoulder screw that meets your size and material requirements. You can also download our Product Specifications PDF for an overview of the specifications for all our slotted shoulder screws.
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Slotted Head Shoulder Screws in Inch and Metric Sizes

Slotted shoulder screws are available from Ondrives.US in various inch and metric sizes to meet a wide range of fastening requirements. Available head sizes, shoulder diameters, shoulder lengths and thread sizes for our in-stock slotted head screws can be viewed using the product filtering tool on this page. Please note that the thread sizes indicate both the nominal diameter and number of threads per inch.
For complete sizing information, including shaft length and head height, download our slotted head shoulder screw product specifications PDF. You can also view complete sizing and material information for individual products and request a quote by visiting the individual product listings above.

Learn More About Slotted Shoulder Screws and Other Precision Fasteners

Ondrives.US provides slotted head shoulder screws and hex head shoulder screws in inch and metric sizes to meet your application requirements. Request a quote for your slotted screws today or contact us to learn more about our other precision fastener solutions.
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