Custom Timing Belts & Pulleys

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Timing belts and pulleys are designed to work together to transmit rotary motion between parallel axes. They can span far greater distances than geared arrangements and require very little maintenance, making timing belts and pulleys an effective and low cost solution for motion transfer applications.
Ondrives.US designs and manufactures a full line of timing belts, timing pulleys, and other synchronous drive parts. However, if none of our stock models are right for your needs, we can provide custom pulleys and more that are tailored to your application and performance requirements. Our custom component capabilities include: Request a quote on custom pulleys and timing belts, or contact Ondrives.US to discuss your unique specifications. 

Custom Timing Pulleys

Ondrives.US can provide custom timing pulleys for speed reduction, speed increase, or to transmit rotary motion between two parallel shafts. We can create a modified standard or completely customized timing pulley in the size and configuration your application requires.

Custom Timing Pulley Stock

For highly specialized motion transfer systems, prototyping, and other applications, some customers prefer to machine their own custom pulleys and profiles. With that in mind, Ondrives.US can provide custom timing pulley stock in the size and tooth count you need.

Custom Timing Pulley Flanges

Pulley flanges are an easy and effective way to prevent “belt walk” during operation. We can provide custom timing pulley flanges that are perfectly matched to your standard or custom timing pulleys. Modified standard or completely custom-designed pulley flanges are available.

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We provide high precision, high performance custom timing pulleys—and more—for all motion transfer applications. Request a quote or contact Ondrives.US to discuss your custom requirements.
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