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Custom Timing Belts & Pulleys

Timing belts and pulleys are designed to work together to transmit rotary motion between parallel axes. They can span far greater distances than geared arrangements and require little maintenance, making timing belts and pulleys an effective and low-cost solution for motion transfer applications.

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Custom Timing Belt Advantages

Toothed custom timing belts deliver more power and are used for high-performance mechanical applications, including automotive, mechanical, and manufacturing. Timing pulleys feature a series of grooves to hold the timing belt in place and typically have a trapezoidal shape or curvilinear groove profile. To ensure proper function between the two components, the profile of a custom pulley should always match the timing belt profile. Additional timing belt benefits include:
  • Slip-proof
  • Require no lubrication
  • Will not stretch with wear
  • Quiet operation
  • Long working life

Custom Timing Belts and Pulleys Tailored to Your Application

Ondrives.US designs and manufactures a full line of timing beltstiming pulleys, and other synchronous drive parts. However, suppose none of our stock models are right for your needs. In that case, we can provide modified or custom timing belts and pulleys in custom lengths, widths, and material options to meet your application and performance requirements.
Modified timing pulleys, timing pulley stock, and timing pulley flanges are based on our MXL, XL, L, 40DP, T, HTD, or GT2 Series products and come in various profile options.  Our custom pulley capabilities include:

Custom Timing Pulleys

Ondrives.US provides custom timing pulleys for speed reduction, speed increase, or to transmit rotary motion between two parallel shafts. We can create a modified standard or customized timing pulley in the size and configuration your application requires. Custom timing pulleys are available in flangeless, single-flange, and double-flange options. We work with plastic and most machinable metals and can customize timing pulleys with different material combinations, plating, and finishes.

Custom Timing Pulley StockCustom Timing Pulley Stock

Some customers prefer to machine their custom pulleys and profiles for highly specialized motion transfer systems, prototyping, and other applications. With that in mind, Ondrives.US can provide custom timing pulley stock in the size, pitch, and tooth count you need. All our timing pulley stock comes with a journal on one end to provide easy gripping in machine tool collets and chucks. Material options include aluminum, carbon steel, and others upon request.

Custom Timing Pulley Flanges

Pulley flanges are an easy and effective way to prevent “belt walk” during operation. We can provide custom timing pulley flanges that perfectly match your standard or custom timing pulleys. Modified standard or completely custom-designed pulley flanges are available. Customize your timing pulley flange based on groove count, size, diameter, and other features, with an option of carbon steel, aluminum, or other materials by request.   

Custom Build-to-Print Timing Belts & Pulleys Designed to Your Specifications

At, our unique expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom timing belts and pulleys tailored to your needs. Once you specify the size, style, material of construction, and other required features, our build-to-print custom manufacturing capabilities can produce custom mechanical components based on your application’s specifications.

CAD Models for Custom Timing Belts & Pulleys

Ondrives.US will work with your engineers to develop timing belt and pulley CAD models that meet your design specifications. Contact us for more information on our custom timing belt and pulley CAD modeling options.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Custom Timing Belts & Pulleys

Ondrives.US custom timing belts and pulleys are available in various sizes and configurations. All custom timing belts and pulleys are stringently manufactured to exact tolerances to meet your project’s specifications. Some of the additional benefits of working with Ondrives.US include:
  • Custom mechanical component build-to-print capabilities
  • Expertise in reverse engineering obsolete mechanical drive components and assemblies
  • Standard product modification capabilities
  • Manufacture micro-sized gearboxes with complex designs
  • Design custom components to solve specific mechanical problems

Why Choose Ondrives.US for Your Custom Timing Belt & Pulley Needs?

At Ondrives.US, we continue to offer ever-expanding lines of standard and custom products as unique as their applications. All Ondrives.US products are precision-built and deliver long-lasting quality, reliability, and dependability for standard and custom applications. We also offer modified and custom-built precision mechanical components and prototypes for any application.

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We provide high precision, high-performance custom timing pulleys, ting belts, and more for all motion transfer applications. Request a quote or contact Ondrives.US to discuss your custom gear manufacturing requirements.

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