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Spur Pinion Shafts

A pinion gear is the smallest gear in a gear drive, and/or the drive gear in a gear reducer. A pinion shaft is a pinion gear machined directly onto a shaft. Ondrives.US designs, engineers, and manufactures pinion shafts in a range of sizes, pitches, and teeth counts. We have the right pinion shaft for nearly any application. Order precision pinion shafts for your application, request a quote, or contact Ondrives.US for more information. For full specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual product listings


Pinion Shafts in Small, Large & Enlarged Pitch Diameters 

Type S Pinion Shafts (pitch diameters smaller than the shaft diameter) 

  • Shaft diameters from 0.1247 to 0.2497 
  • Pitch diameters from 0.1000 to 0.2250 
  • O.D.s from 0.117 to 0.250 
  • Pitch: 48 to 120 
  • Teeth: 10 to 20; custom teeth counts available upon request 
  • Gear O.D. is equal to or small than shaft diameter 

Type H Pinion Shafts (pitch diameters larger than the shaft diameter) 

  • Shaft diameters from 0.1247 to 0.2497 
  • Pitch diameters from 0.2500 to 0.5000 
  • O.D.s from 0.271 to 0.583 
  • Pitch: 24 to 96 
  • Teeth: 10 to 32 
  • Gear O.D. is larger than shaft diameter 

Type R Pinion Shafts (enlarged ptich diameters) 

  • Shaft diameters from 0.1247 to 0.3122 
  • Pitch diameters from 0.0902 to 0.2624 
  • O.D.s from 0.106 to 0.304 
  • Pitch: 48 to 120 
  • Teeth: 10 to 17; custom teeth counts available upon request 

Custom Spur Pinion Shafts Manufactured to Your Exact Specifications 

At Ondrives.US, we can assist with designs, modifications, prototypes, and complete production of custom drive components and gears for any application. If your project specifications require custom mechanical components, our engineering team can produce parts and components that match your drawings and meet your performance needs.


The Ondrives.US Advantage: Superior Quality & Performance

  • SG-PG series precision pinion shafts are ideal for instrumentation, servo drives, encoders, power transmission & more 
  • Inch and metric sizes are available 
  • All sizes/models machined to AGMA 10 quality. Other quality levels are available 
  • All sizes/models manufactured from 303 stainless steel 
  • All sizes/models feature 20° pressure angle standard. Other pressure angles can be supplied 
  • Ondrives.US has more than three decades’ experience in gear manufacturing 
  • Custom pinion shafts are available in almost any material. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements 

Order the pinion shafts your application requires, request a quote, or contact us to learn more.