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Custom Timing Belt Pulleys

Ondrives.US’ custom timing pulleys can reduce speed, increase speed, or transfer rotary motion from one axis/shaft to another. Our timing pulleys are fixed to the shaft via one or two set screws or with clamp-style hubs. When properly aligned, periodic belt tension adjustments are the only maintenance required to ensure maximum application performance.

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Custom Timing Belts Manufactured to Your Application Requirements

A custom or modified standard timing pulley can be the perfect solution for your challenging motion transfer applications. Ondrives.US can design and manufacture a timing pulley that meets your application and performance requirements.
We can provide modified standard timing pulleys based on our MXL, XL, L, 40DP, T, HTD, or GT2 Series timing pulleys, or we can work with you to develop a custom timing pulley design that matches your unique specifications. Our custom pulley capabilities include:

Custom Timing Belt Pulley Design Options

Our modified standard and custom timing pulleys are available with no flanges, a single flange, or double flanges to hold the position of the timing belt. Generally, a pair of timing pulleys requires a minimum of two flanges (along with proper alignment) to ensure that the belt stays in position and does not run off the pulley. We can provide custom timing pulley flanges to guarantee a perfect fit and optimum performance.
Numerous features of Ondrives.US’ custom timing pulleys can be modified to provide the perfect solution for your motion transfer application. Options include:
  • Materials: plastics and most machinable metals
  • Material combinations: e.g., Acetal with a brass hub
  • Pulley size: up to 16” O.D.
  • Tooth count
  • Keyway(s) in bore
  • D-shaped or other specialty bore shapes
  • Set screws or clamp-style hubs
  • Multiple pulleys on a single part
  • Specialty plating or finish
  • and more

Build-to-Print Timing Belt Pulleys Designed to Your Specifications

At, our unique expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom timing belt pulleys tailored to your needs. Once you specify the size, style, material of construction, and other required features, our build-to-print custom manufacturing capabilities can produce custom mechanical components based on your application’s specifications.

CAD Models for Custom Timing Belt Pulleys

Ondrives.US will work with your engineers to develop timing belt pulley CAD models that meet your design specifications. Contact us for more information on our custom pulley CAD modeling options.

The Ondrives.US Advantage for Custom Timing Pulleys

Ondrives.US custom timing pulleys are available in various sizes and configurations. All custom timing belt pulleys are stringently manufactured to exact tolerances to meet your project’s specifications. Some of the additional benefits of working with Ondrives.US include:
  • Custom mechanical component build-to-print capabilities
  • Expertise in reverse engineering obsolete mechanical drive components and assemblies
  • Standard product modification capabilities
  • Micro-sized gearbox complex design capabilities
  • Custom component design options

Why Choose Ondrives.US for Your Custom Pulley Needs?

At Ondrives.US, we continue to offer ever-expanding lines of standard and custom products. All Ondrives.US products are precision-built and deliver long-lasting quality, reliability, and dependability for standard and custom applications. We also offer modified and custom-built precision mechanical components and prototypes for any application.

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Ondrives.US provides high-precision, high-performance custom timing pulleys, accessories, and more for all motion transfer applications. Request a quote or contact Ondrives.US to discuss your custom gear manufacturing requirements.