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Nylon Tipped Set Screws

Nylon tipped set screws have a flat half dog point that protrudes from the end of the thread. Also referred to as blind or headless screws, nylon tipped screws help absorb vibration and are most commonly used to joining a pulley, collar, coupling or gear to a shaft. The nylon half dog point is rigid yet soft, which allows the nylon tipped screw to be easily removed without causing surface damage. Nylon tip set screws from Ondrives.US are available in 18-8 stainless steel material with options of several inch and metric thread sizes and lengths. Download the product specifications PDF for an overview of inch and metric sizing information. We also offer silver solder tip screws and brass tip grub screws in various sizes.

Half Dog Point Nylon Tip Set Screws for Absorbing Shaft Vibration

Half-dog nylon tip set screws are non-marring and self-locking fasteners. They feature a recessed, hex-shaped drive and are tightened using a hex wrench. When the screw is tightened the nylon tip deforms around the shaft and creates a larger area of contact on the shaft to provide a secure hold of the component which is mounted of a shaft. The advantage of nylon tip grub screws with a half dog point is that they do not cause damage to the shaft and they allow loosening of the screw for positional adjustment of the mounted component. Stainless steel screws provide superior strength and excellent resistance against corrosion. 

Selecting the Right Half-Dog Nylon Tipped Screw for your Application

Holding power and clamping action are the two primary considerations in selecting a headless nylon tipped screw. The diameter of the nylon tipped set screw should equal one-half the shaft diameter and the length must be enough to allow sufficient contact with the shaft or part surface. Point style is also important because it partially contributes to the holding power. Half-dog points provide more holding power than an oval pint, but slightly less than a cone or cup point.

If you don’t see the size your need listed, request a quote for a customized and modified grub screw that meets your precision application requirements.

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Half dog point grub screws are offered by Ondrives.US in standard inch and metric sizes. We also provide custom and modified nylon tipped set screws upon request. View the individual product descriptions above to request a quote or contact us to learn more about our other precision fastener options.