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Right Angle Bevel Gearboxes

Our standard Bevel gearboxes feature one input and one output shaft; our Bevel T gearboxes feature one shaft that extends from both sides of the body, forming a “T” shape. We offer a variety of options, including metric and inch shafts, hollow bore units, and gearboxes with one hollow bore and one solid shaft. Hollow bore right angle gearboxes can be fitted with shafts that are larger or smaller in diameter as they exit the gearbox.
Our right angle gearbox lineup includes shaft to shaftshaft to borebore to bore, 2-shaft, 3-shafthigh ratio, and low profile models. All our Bevel T right angle gearboxes are built with a single output shaft extended out both sides of the box, so both ends rotate simultaneously in the same direction (view catalog).
For specialized applications, we also offer counter rotating bevel gearboxes with an additional gear and a split T-shaft that allows the output shafts to rotate in opposite directions, simultaneously and on the same axis. Order today or request a quote for the right-angle gearbox you need.

Available Ratios for Right Angle Gearboxes

A right-angle gearbox with a gear ratio of 1:1 is called a miter gearbox. The high end of bevel gearbox ratios rarely exceeds 4:1 due to the size of the larger bevel gear. However, Ondrives.US high ratio right angle gearboxes are unique: these heavy-duty boxes incorporate additional gearing to accomplish higher ratios than can be found in other right angle gearboxes.
Standard ratios for our bevel gearbox units include 6:1, 12:1, 18:1, and 24:1. Custom gear ratios can be supplied upon request—contact us to discuss your custom bevel gearbox requirements

High-Performance Right-Angle Gearboxes

Our right-angle gearboxes are offered in numerous configurations to meet your application requirements. If you’re not sure which right angle gearbox is most appropriate for your application, view our Buyer’s Guide for ten important points to consider when choosing a gearbox. Another valuable reference, Inertia and the Use of Inertia Figures offers a formula for dealing with inertia in gearbox selection.

Shaft to Shaft Bevel & Bevel T Gearboxes

Shaft to Shaft Bevel and Bevel-T Gearboxes provide outputs at 90° from the input and utilize a single, T-shaped shaft that passes through the entire unit, with both ends rotating in the same direction simultaneously. Counter-rotating Bevel T gearboxes are also available. Imperial and metric sizes.
  • Available in 1:1 and 2:1 ratios
  • Provide high efficiency of up to 88% at 1,000 RPM
  • Low backlash: ≈1°
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 RPM

Shaft-to-Bore & Bore-to-Bore Gearboxes

Bevel bore gearboxes provide an output 90° from the input and are offered in a range of input shaft, output shaft and bore sizes. Select from a shaft-to-bore or bore-to-bore configuration. Metric sizes only.
  • Available in 1:1 and 2:1 gear ratios
  • High efficiency: up to 88% at 1,000 RPM
  • Torque values up to 70Nm
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Low output backlash: ≈1°

High Ratio Heavy Duty Gearboxes

High ratio gear reducers feature a second set of gears to accomplish higher reduction ratios and provide output torque up to 128Nm. Offered in several frame size and shaft diameter options. Metric sizes only.
  • Ratios ranging from 6:1 to 24:1
  • High efficiency: up to 88% at 1,000 RPM
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Low output backlash

Bevel T-3 Shaft Gearboxes

Features three shafts with a single input shaft and 2 output shafts extending from both sides of the housing. The shafts are positioned at 90° and form a “T” shape. Imperial and metric sizes.  
  • Available in ratios ranging from 1:1 to 4:1
  • High efficiency: up to 88% at 1,000 RPM
  • Max. input speed: 2,000 RPM
  • Low output backlash: ≈1°

Low Profile Bevel Gearboxes

Low profile bevel gearboxes have an operating temperature range from -5°F (-20°C) to 175°F (79°C) for use in a broad range of applications and operating environments. Features an anodized aluminum housing and stainless-steel shafts. Imperial sizes only.
  • 1:1 gear ratio
  • Torque ranging from 2 inch-ounces to 32 inch-pounds
  • Max. input speed: up to 3,000 RPM
  • Low output backlash: ≈1°, with an option of 1/2°\
  • Four frame sizes ranging from 1”x1”x 9/16” up to 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 1-1/2” high

Counter Rotating Gearboxes

Counter-rotating gearboxes feature two output shafts on the same axis and one input shaft at 90° from both outputs to create a “T” shape. The two output shafts simultaneously rotate in opposite directions and are available in six size options. Metric sizes only.
  • Available in 1:1 or 2:1 ratios
  • Torque values up to 128Nm
  • Max. input speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Low output backlash: ≈1°,

Bevel Gearbox Shafts & Couplings

Input and output shafts with drive keys and retainer rings can be supplied to your specifications for any of our hollow bore gearboxes. Other inch and metric precision ground shafts are available from stock. We also offer a broad selection of misalignment shaft couplings in inch and metric bore sizes.

The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Low backlash performance
  • Bevel gearboxes with hardened gears
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Heavy duty Bevel right angle gearboxes and miter gearboxes
  • Spiral Bevel gearboxes
  • Shaft to shaft bevel gearboxes
  • Shaft to hollow bore bevel gearboxes
  • Bore to bore bevel gearboxes
  • Bevel T gearboxes
  • Counter rotating gearboxes
  • High ratio gearboxes
  • Low Profile bevel gearboxes
  • Multiple Mounting Option Gearboxes
  • Custom right angle gearboxes available
For bevel gearbox specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual product listings.

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