Newly Re-designed P-Series Gearbox improves Backlash, Corrosion Resistance and Center Distance between Input and Outputs! 

Counter-Rotating T Style Bevel Gearboxes

Ondrives.US’ counter-rotating gearboxes are T style bevel gearbox systems with two output shafts on the same axis and one input shaft at 90° from both outputs. Similar to our standard T style bevel gearboxes, our counter-rotating gear drives are unique in that the two output shafts rotate in opposite directions simultaneously.

Our counter-rotating gearboxes feature single-piece machined aluminum housings, three hardened steel bevel gears, and three sets of radial ball bearings. Order today or request a quote for counter-rotating gear motors for your application. Contact Ondrives.US to learn more.


Counter-Rotating Gearboxes in 1:1 & 2:1 Ratios

We offer counter-rotating T style bevel gearboxes in 1:1 and 2:1 gear ratios, with six shaft size options; housing sizes increase in proportion with shaft size. Our smallest counter-rotating gear reducers have 5mm diameter shafts and provide maximum torque output of 1.77Nm; the largest counter-rotating gear drives we offer feature 25mm shafts and provide torque output up to 128Nm.
Custom counter-rotating gearboxes are also available, tailored to your unique specifications. Contact our application engineers to discuss your custom requirements.
If you’re not sure which counter-rotating gearbox is best suited to your application, view our Buyer’s Guide to see ten important points to consider when choosing a gearbox. Another valuable reference, Inertia and the Use of Inertia Figures offers a formula for dealing with inertia in gearbox selection.

Shafts & Couplings for Counter-Rotating Gearboxes

Inch and metric precision ground shafts are available from stock to fit our counter-rotating gear motors.

We also offer a broad selection of misalignment shaft couplings in inch and metric bore sizes.

The Ondrives.US Advantage:

  • Heavy-duty counter-rotating bevel gearboxes
  • Unique counter-rotational outputs
  • Greased for life
  • Low backlash performance (approximately 1° backlash)
  • Hardened steel bevel gears
  • Tapped and clearance holes for mounting
  • Lightweight, one-piece aluminum housings
  • 1:1 and 2:1 gear ratios
  • Shaft diameters: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Maximum torque output: 128Nm
  • Maximum input speed: 3,000 RPM

Contact Ondrives.US for Counter-Rotating Gearboxes

We think inside and outside the box! Order today, request a quote, or contact us for counter-rotating gearboxes for your motion transfer applications.