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Brass Tipped Set Screws

Brass Tip set screws from Ondrives.US feature 18-8 stainless steel or alloy steel threads for excellent strength and corrosion resistance assembled with a half-dog brass tip. This style of headless brass tipped screws also work well with locating holes, grooves, or flats that are machined into the shafts. Half-dog brass tip set screws are an ideal replacement for using dowel pins or bolts that are mounted in a cross-drilled hole in the shaft. This method weakens the shaft and pre-determines the lateral and rotational position of the mounted component.  In general, the diameter of your half-dog point set screw should be sized roughly one-half of the diameter of your shaft. If your application requires custom or modified brass tip set screws, contact us to discuss your specifications.

 Half-dog grub screws are ideal for any rotating application but are most frequently used to attach pulleys, shaft couplings, Sprockets, or gears to a shaft. Half dog points are also flat, which allows the screw to sit completely flat against the shaft surface. Using a set screw with a brass tip will not mar or damage the shaft or the mating part. Because installation causes minimal deformation of the tip, the grub screws can also be relocated or reset multiple times. The length of your brass tip set screw should be long enough to provide sufficient clamping and engagement and allow the tip of the screw to make contact with the surface of the shaft or rotating part.