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Shaft to Shaft up to 26.6

 Our adjustable friction clutches are engineered for use in a shaft to shaft connections up to 26.6 in.-lb.  Adjustable shaft clutches from Ondrives.US can be installed as an Overrun Device or as a Drag Brake and offer a 30 million slip cycle life. We offer clutches with a set screw hub or clamp hub (open end only) in a range of inch and metric compatible bore sizes. 

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The Ondrives.US Advantage:

Adjustable friction clutches connect two shafts of a device and change from a driving member to a slipping member once a motorized component exceeds the preset torque. Shaft to shaft clutches serves two functions based on the installation type: protecting motors from burnout or maintaining tension in winding operations.

Features of our adjustable shaft to shaft clutches include an aluminum housing and adjuster ring, heat-treated steel hubs, heat-treated steel or brass clutch plates, and sintered bronze bearings. Additional features and benefits include:
  • Max. backlash: 2°
  • Max. slipping speed: 1,000 PRM
  • Max drag torque: 26.6 in.-lb.
  • Operating temperature range: 14°F to 176°F (-10°C to +80°C)

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Ondrives.US offers a variety of friction clutches for an adjustable shaft to shaft connections. Our adjustable friction clutches come in a wide range of standard sizes with an option to modify or customize models based on your specifications. Select from our standard models or request a quote for a customized adjustable shaft to shaft clutch.