Single Joint

ZA & ZD Series

A precision u-joint consists of a pair of hinges, oriented 90° to each other and connected by a cross shaft. These specialty couplings, also known as U-joints or universal couplings, are installed in rigid shafts or rods and allow those shafts to “bend” in any direction to facilitate the transfer of rotary motion. Ondrives.US’ unique telescoping U-joints provide zero backlash performance in any motion control application.

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Zero Backlash in A Telescopic U-Joint

Our unique zero backlash telescopic universal joints feature precision balls, burnished custom spherical sockets, and accurately-sized components that help eliminate clearance between bearing surfaces under an elastic preload.

At full torque (up to 600 in-lbs.—varies by model), Ondrives.US telescoping shaft couplings provide zero backlash at operating angles up to 10°. At 50% torque, they operate with zero backlash at operating angles up to 30°.

Precision universal joints are available in a range of standard inch and metric bore sizes, from 3/16” to 1” and 5mm to 25mm. Any bore-to-bore combination is possible within those limits, making these zero backlash precision u-joints ideal for myriad applications.

For full single joint universal coupling specifications and Dimensional Parametric Search, see individual product listings.


The Ondrives.US Advantage

  • Up to 10° operating angle for zero backlash at full torque
  • Up to 30° operating angle for zero backlash at 50% torque
  • Available in inch bore sizes from 3/16” to 1”
  • Available in metric bore sizes from 5mm to 25mm
  • Any bore-to-bore combination available within min/max limits
  • Torque rated up to 600 in-lbs. (varies by model)
  • Ondrives.US zero backlash precision u-joints are instrumentation quality
  • Precision universal joints feature 303 stainless steel body (304 and 316 special order), precision grade 440 stainless balls
  • Custom U-joints are available upon request. Contact our application engineers to discuss your custom requirements
Ondrives.US quality surpasses the competition! Order zero backlash telescoping universal joints for your application, or contact us for more information.
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